Deutsche Bahn to divest DB Schenker

The DB Group is looking to minimise debt by potentially selling its logistics business.

A sale will only be settled, according to DB Group, if it has apparent economic advantages for Deutsche Bahn in all respects.

“A sale would significantly accelerate Deutsche Bahn’s focus on its core business and the implementation of the Strong Rail strategy,” DB Group said in a statement.

“Deutsche Bahn has already completed or contractually agreed the sale of several of its business units in foreign markets and would be taking another big step by letting go of DB Schenker. Our goal is to serve the climate, people and the economy by substantially increasing the cargo and passenger volumes handled by eco-friendly rail services.”

While DB Schenker has contributed positively to DB Group’s economic growth over the years, the DB subsidiary will need additional capital and flexibility for its own growth.

In December 2022, the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bahn AG assigned DB’s Management Board the task of examining the case and preparing for a potential sale of its entire shares in DB Schenker. The final decision on a sale of DB Schenker will be based on a separate resolution adopted by the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bahn AG at the end of the sale process. The process is also subject to general capital market developments.

Compared to its competitors, DB Schenker has a strong position in all the relevant industry sectors – land, air and ocean freight – and in comprehensive and specialised logistics solutions. With some 76,600 employees at over 1,850 locations in more than 130 countries, the company is one of the world’s leading logistics providers.

In other news, the release of a Traffic Index report provides data and information on the traffic trends of 387 cities in 55 countries in 2023.

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