Worst city traffic in the world revealed

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Geolocation technology specialist, TomTom, has released its annual Traffic Index report which provides data and information on the traffic trends of 387 cities in 55 countries in 2023.

Topping the list as the slowest city to drive through, with an average speed of 14 km an hour in rush hour, was London’s city centre where the travel time for 10km is 37 minutes and 20 seconds on average.

Following close behind the UK capital city were Dublin, Ireland; Toronto, Canada; Milan, Italy and Lima; Peru.

The TomTom Traffic Index is based on data from more than 600 million in-car navigation systems and smartphones. For each city (both the city centre and the wider metropolitan area), TomTom calculates the average travel time per kilometre.

“With more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas, traffic congestion and its economic, ecological and health consequences have become a problem that needs to be urgently addressed,” said Vice President of Traffic at TomTom, Ralf-Peter Schäfer. “Planning the future of urban areas is essential to ongoing traffic management. Large urban areas are harnessing Big Data to plan infrastructure and development that will alleviate traffic congestion.

The trend over 2023 confirms the general decline in average speeds in most cities: of the 387 cities analyzed in the traffic index, 82 saw their average speed remain unchanged, and 77 had a higher average speed (and therefore shorter journey times) than the previous year. In the remaining 228 cities, average speeds decreased.

While London is the slowest city in the world with traffic, it’s also the slowest city in the world when traffic is moving optimally. In optimal conditions, it still takes drivers in London about 25 minutes to complete the 10 km trip. But not all cities are affected by traffic as much. For instance, in Tokyo, a 10 km drive in optimal traffic will take about 18 and a half minutes. With traffic, that same journey would take 23 minutes and 40 seconds. Here, drivers lose only six minutes to traffic congestion — half what Londoners lose.

American cities buck the trend and, according to the index, manage traffic well. In cities like Dayton and Akron, Ohio, and Albany and Syracuse, New York, drivers lose very little time to traffic.

In other news, December’s US preliminary net trailer orders increased nominally from November to December, but were lower compared to last December by 58 per cent.

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