A leg up

Vital to the safety and reliable operation of a trailer, landing legs are arguably the unsung heroes of trailing equipment and VALX has made it a mission to ensure they are of the highest standard.

In the world of trailers industry standards are always hitting new heights and equipment manufacturers must maintain pace with innovation.

For VALX, which is a subsidiary of truck and trailer part manufacturers, FUWA, the partnerships it develops with world leading trailer builders who only align themselves with the highest quality equipment, demonstrates it is on to a good thing.

Although the two companies have had previous partnerships, in 2022, VALX collaborated with Krone, supplying the German commercial vehicle manufacturer after it placed a large order for VALX landing legs.

Image: VALX.

According to VALX, what makes this particular product stand out is the company’s understanding of the critical role landing legs play in supporting trailers, particularly during the loading and unloading process. That’s why every VALX landing leg undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure it meets the highest industry standards, by pushing the boundaries of engineering innovation.

“With each new iteration, VALX leverages customer feedback and industry insights to refine its products further,” the company said. “This dedication to innovation has paved the way for more flexible and efficient landing legs without compromising strength and durability.”

VALX has ensured its landing legs are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and heavy loads and made using premium electro-coating and powder-coating techniques, making them durable and resistant to wear and tear. This means even scorching heat or freezing temperatures won’t affect their performance.

VALX got its start in the Netherlands in 2009 and became best known for its axle design and manufacturing. In 2014 it became part of the FUWA group and while axles were its mainstay, in 2019 it launched its landing leg range.

Today, VALX has two types of landing legs. The P-LEG which has industry loading static load and lifting capacity and S-shoe fitting for the European standard.

Meanwhile the VALX ELEG, an electric landing leg, has both high gear and low gear settings.

The company said the demand for VALX landing legs in 2023 spoke to the market’s confidence and it is buoyed by customers’ respond to the products performance and quality.

“VALX landing legs have continued to exceed expectations, delivering outstanding performance and ensuring the safe transportation of goods across long distances,” the company said. “Customers have hailed these landing legs as a game-changer, enabling them to optimise their operations and enhance their overall trailer performance.”

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