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Global financial turbulence has disrupted markets, and the North American trailer market hasn’t been immune. Despite this, JOST International is forging ahead with new developments and innovations.

Late 2023 North American Class 8 truck orders were lower compared to the same time in late 2022, while production of Class 8 truck orders decreased partly due to supply chain troubles. Trailer backlogs and rising dealer inventories were also a concern which weakened Q4 production of trailers.

But according to ACT Research, which forecasts the North American market, despite the weakness in the overall freight market, fleets continue to be willing to order new equipment. This is good news for JOST which continues to develop products to meet specific application demands in the market. Those that are making some of the biggest waves are arguably the fifth wheel and landing gear offerings.

Fifth wheel

Over the past few years, fifth wheel sensor technologies have gained traction among fleets due to the driver shortage and less experienced drivers on the road. Lightweight products have proven to be a good option for many fleets, especially those that are weight conscious.

Source: Jost

The JSK3CNWL is one of the lightest fifth wheels on the market, without the cost of aluminum. This model features a fusion welded steel top plate that incorporates a carbon fibre beam and is compatible with all JOST brackets.

Additionally, JOST International has developed a new sensor fifth wheel called the Loc-Light. This system enhances a JOST fifth wheel with the addition of a two-sensor monitoring system as well as a LED throat illumination.

Landing gear

JOST has many landing gear models and add on features to fit a fleet’s needs. Trailer longevity has been a focus for fleets, and JOST is working with them to offer the best product to help reach the life cycle they want. For instance, galvanised landing gear models and extended warranty models continue to grow.

Source: Jost
Source: Jost

JOST also more recently introduced an extreme duty product line to the market which includes a landing gear with enhanced ratings, extreme wear cushion foot and a fully galvanised crank handle. The Double Cushion foot has an increased cushion inside the shoe which means a trailer can withstand a greater impact than before without risking damage to the landing gear. It can be retrofitted onto any current cushion foot landing gear or is available as an option on new orders.


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