Italian transport company makes solid sustainability investment

Italy’s Ambrogio Intermodal has purchased 650 swap bodies and container chassis vehicles from Kässbohrer, advancing its transition to sustainable intermodal transport and logistics.

Leading the intermodal sector with its award-winning range, Kässbohrer’s longer, heavier Super Eco combinations and Intermodal combinations have been on the road since November 2022. Both of the acquired products are made of S 700 MC steel and are manufactured for challenging operations but minimised premium resource use.

Kässbohrer’s coil swap body, SWAU.CC, features an integrated coil well chassis design with 4,500 kg payload capacity with a 7.2-tonne axle load for the floor, maximising the load factor in support of Ambrogio’s diverse operational needs.

Meanwhile, the light swap body, SWAU.CL, the lightest swap body at 3,900 kg, and the light container chassis SHG.L with a tare weight of 3,960 kg, make for the lightest combination in the market.

“Our new investment enhances the diversity of our fleet for a new era of capability and growth,” said Ambrogio Terminal and Purchasing Manager, Awes Botello. “Our decision to choose Kässbohrer’s products allows us more payload and load diversity to maximise the capacity, making every shipment more sustainable.”

Founded in 1969, Ambrogio Intermodal is a leading rail-road transport company with seven private rail terminals in Italy, Germany, Belgium and France.

Head of Key Accounts at Kässbohrer, Mehmet Önen, said the purchase was a significant moment in the companies’ partnership and looked forward to further ventures together.

In other news, net trailer orders decreased nominally from October to November in the United States.

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