Together: to the next 125 years

Kässbohrer team members from three different countries will unite in Lyon, France for the 2023 SOLUTRANS event where they will share the German semi-trailer manufacturers latest developments with electrification, efficiency and innovation being at the top of the agenda.

Kässbohrer have come up with its very own word to describe what it does. ‘Enginuity’ for the manufacturing company is a combination of engineering excellence and customer centric ingenuity which meets the unmet needs of all transport sectors. This includes general cargo, cold chain, construction vehicles with tippers and platforms, complete tank and silo range for liquids and bulk goods, a range of low beds for heavy and abnormal goods under 100 tonnes as well as an intermodal product range with award winning container chassis and swap bodies.

At this year’s SOLUTRANS trade fair, Kässbohrer’s fourth year in attendance, it will share its latest company developments, including advancement in transport sustainability with longer heavier vehicles, new intermodal product ranges as well as electrification alongside an exhibition of Kässbohrer’s high-quality vehicles.

Here is what visitors can expect to see.

K.SSL 38

Kässbohrer’s exhibition vehicle, the K.SSL 38 is a non-tipping silo with maximum payload and is getting noticed thanks to its lightweight design, stability under various road conditions, fast and efficient discharge and high safety functions. With refined design and wheelbase, the K.SSL 38 provides manoeuvrability even under challenging road conditions.



Also being exhibited is an extendable low bed with hydraulic gooseneck access ramp which ensures efficiency and flexibility for the varied transportation needs within the road construction industry. The ramp means can transport two working machines in one operation while the 10-tonne lashing rings, container locks, vertical and lateral pillar pockets enables easy and safe load securing.


These robust curtainsider semi-trailers with KTL-coated chassis are ideal for both road and inter-modal transportation. It has strong hardwood floors, suitable for safe transportation of a wide range of cargo and preferred by Mediterranean customers and is backed up by the patented multi-point K-FIX Load Securing system. All Kässbohrer curtainsiders are certified in accordance with Code XL standards and for option DC 9.5 + Beverage Certificate


This light platform semi-trailer is engineered to offer the highest payload capacity with minimum tare-weight of 5.800 kilograms without compromising on performance thanks to its KTL coasted robust chassis. With coupling height starting from 980mm to 1.200mm, K. SPS XS offers operational flexibility and its design accommodates precisely placed Eumos certified pillar pockets, lashing rings as well as container locks. It is Code XL certified and expertly transports a wide variety of loads from construction materials to general cargo and container transportation.

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