Italian artistry: TMT

The three Ps are what TMT Tanks & Trailers uses to remind itself where it comes from and where it is going – Product, People and Passion.

The three Ps are what TMT Tanks & Trailers uses to remind itself where it comes from and where it is going – Product, People and Passion.

This might explain why this Italian OEM has become known to be especially innovative in its approach to design and exceptional when it comes to materials and workmanship.

“It’s through these three values that TMT has created the determination to create unrivalled products,” said TMT International CEO, Alfredo Spinozzi. “Our ultimate goal is to give our customers maximum value.”

Founded in 2014 by two brothers, it has grown from a small workshop to a 75,000-square-metre facility, employing more than 70 people. It has the capacity to build about 300 trailers per year but is rapidly increasing that output.

TMT’s product line consists of moving floor semi-trailers, moving floor containers, container chassis and tankers and while quality is its focus, so is customer relationships, with a network of sales agents throughout Italy, providing after-sales services and specialised repair and assistance centres.

The OEM has customers throughout Europe but is looking farther afield, with a goal of consistently providing trailers all over the world.

Here are a few of its top products:

Conchiglia moving floor
Its self-supporting frame is made of high-strength Strenx 700 steel which guarantees strength and lightness.

It is a flexible vehicle suitable for general cargo transport, from packages to bulk materials with its load capacity of 92 m3 and an internal useful length of 13,400 mm.

This model can be equipped with side doors, both right and left, of 6200 mm each, interposed by a fixed central column to ensure stability.

From the side doors it will be possible to load all kinds of panels, boxes, profiles and palletized material as well as bulk material with maximum certified safety.

Conchiglia moving floor – Intermodal version
Vehicle whose use is allowed for loading on rail and ship equipped with special reinforcements for lifting welded to the frame and on the bodywork, protection plates and bumpers with automatic pneumatic handling useful to facilitate the unloading of goods in particular places and to the coupling of the semitrailer to the wagon, suitable for intermodal.

The TMT highway-railway intermodal moving floor semi-trailers are compatible with P400 sections and C-D-E-F-G-H-I wagons with a 98 cm support element. The “Hupac” approved version complies with UIC 596-5.

Flexibility is what makes this semi-trailer with sliding doors standout from the rest. It can accommodate the most diverse loads which means, on return, operators are reducing empty runs.

With a side loading width of 12,060mm and a continuous loading height from 2,540mm, it is possible to load long items without any problems. When opened individually, the folding doors allow partial unloading.

Aciarium moving floor
TMT’s Aciarium moving floor semi-trailer is 91 square metres and can hold 33 Euro-pallets. Built to include a steel perimeter using Hardox 450, which is an abrasion-resistant material. The semi-trailer is reinforced in the rear, so it is the ideal vehicle for transporting both metal and non-metal scraps.

Moving floor container
Winner of the 2023 Body Category of the Trailer Innovation Awards, this container is a unique design and one of the company’s flagship products.

A 45’ high cube with an open top pallet, it features an opening roof and automatic unloading moving floor technology which can be used for highway, sea and railway transport, supporting weight of up to 7,100kg.

The load compartment for palletised cargo is ideal for both large-volume freight, groupage as well as mixed cargo.

Hybrid/plug-in moving floor
A semi-trailer equipped on the second axle, this product has a generator that charges a battery installed on the vehicle when braking, providing an emission-free system. The battery is used to power the semi-trailer’s remote management systems, including the moving floor controls, meaning it doesn’t depend on the truck to function.

The battery is recharged while the vehicle is moving, but it is also possible to recharge the battery by plug-in. Operators can use all the functions of the semi-trailer remotely, from the control of the moving floor to the extra components.

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