SAF-Holland records sales and earnings increases in Q3

Truck and trailer component supplier, SAF-Holland, has shown an increase in sales and earnings this quarter, as well as a significant improvement in operating free cash flow and a reduction in the company’s leverage ratio.

Group sales increased by 35.2 per cent to €1,589.0 million, while Q3 sales growth was 37.4 per cent. Adjusted EBIT improved by 65.6 per cent to €152.8 million in the first nine months, with Q3 also growing by 59.8 per cent to €58.6 million.

In the first nine months, SAF-HOLLAND increased its consolidated Group sales by 35.2 per cent to €1,589.0 million. This growth was largely due to Haldex AB, which has been included in the scope of consolidation since February 21, 2023 and contributed €297.0 million to Group sales in this period.

“After the first nine months of the financial year, we are well on the way to achieving the synergies and cross-selling potentials we announced in connection with the acquisition of Haldex,” said Chairman of the Mangement Board and CEO of SAF-Holland, Alexander Geis. “Thanks to the increasing share of the aftermarket business to slightly over 30 per cent of Group sales, or nominally €489.2 million as at the end of September 2023, we are even more resilient as a Group and are very confident about the fourth quarter of the current year and the coming financial year.”

In other news, A graduate operations management trainee for GXO has embarked on a six-month secondment as a project officer in the Zambian capital of Lusaka.

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