The art of light

Answering the call for light with both new and tried and tested products, lighting manufacturers, Aspöck Systems, will be illuminating this year’s SOLUTRANS transport expo in Lyon, France.

For more than 45 years Aspöck Systems has been lighting up Europe’s roads and highways. This November it will be showcasing exactly how it does it, as an exhibitor at one of the continent’s most preeminent transportation trade fairs.

The Austrian company offers lighting solutions for both light and heavy vehicles, from concept, all the way to a ready-to-assemble product. Two of its products in particular will be on show at SOLUTRANS.

Ecoled III

Aspöck Systems’ newest energy-efficient rear lamp has, like many rear lamp models, become lighter and slimmer. Fully LED, it is the perfect combination of earlier truck trailer market designs. Both the Ecoled III’s design and engineering was done entirely in Europe, with product coordination taking place at company headquarters in Austria and produced at its largest production site, found in Portugal.

Ecoled III

Taking the design far beyond what installation regulations require, the Ecoled III’s taillight features a large homogeneous light area known as Glowing Body technology that consists of a diffusely luminous solid body, which creates a three-dimensional impression. This makes the rear lamps more visible to other road users, especially at night. It is also more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lighting.

The retro-reflector triangle’s distinctive appearance is an Aspöck visual trademark which sees it moved outward to the left and right rear lamps, giving the taillight area even more space. The two taillights are also programmed to be team players – connected in a cross circuit – to counteract possible failures.

In the 24-volt version, the EcoLED III is equipped as standard with ISO pulse 13207 and a control for flashing side marker lamps. The chemical and scratch-resistant lens is also welded, putting the rear lamp in the highest protection class, while the predetermined breaking point on the mounting bracket of the outline marker also prevents damage.

Workpoint II

The assembly options of the Workpoint II work lamp series are arguably limitless. The mounting bracket is made of high-quality steel, and can be assembled so it is completely invisible, while the swivel range can go from negative 35 to 100. This LED work lamp series is made of a powder-coated aluminium cooling element with corrosion resistance, and because it has been positioned further back, the frame provides additional protection against damage.

Workpoint II

Even at the maximum luminous output, the power consumption remains low while the performance is high, with a light intensity of up to 4,000 lumens and 5700 Kelvin – similar to sunlight. The fact that it is vibration-tested, shock resistant up to 52g and has successfully completed a 480-hour salt spray test are all testaments to the sturdy design of the new work lamp and ensures it fulfils the highest protection class. One of the prerequisites for the entire range of Workpoint II products was that it could be fully integrated in the Aspöck wiring system.

The series will also soon be expanded. The Workpoint II Advanced will be available in two performance classes, 2,000 and 4,000 lumens, for close, or long-range illumination. The Advanced series has inherited many features from the basic series as well as an impact-resistant lens and an improved corrosion resistance housing. It also has electromagnetic compatibility properties which prevent interference with sensitive devices. Markedly individual, this product manages a seamless interplay of function and appearance, with enough room for customised requests from customers.

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