Safe and sound

Global vehicle technology group, ZF, is putting safety first at this year’s SOLUTRANS trade fair in Lyon as it showcases its latest innovations that are leading the industry.

ZF’s message is loud and clear. The German technology company wants “zero accidents” and it has put together the best in research and development to get there.

“Towards zero accidents” will be one of the themes at this year’s SOLUTRANS event and its products on display will include tyre pressure monitoring and intelligent braking systems.

Along with a focus on zero accidents, ZF’s products also represent its dedication to zero emissions and zero efficiency losses as it remains steadfast in its goal of helping steer the transportation industry to wards being more sustainable, safer and smarter. Here are some of the products that will be on show.

OptiTire – towards zero accidents

An advanced tyre pressure monitoring system, OptiTire is available with a variety of sensor options, including internal strap- or valve-mounted sensors, to cover all rim sizes and applications. The system can monitor up to 20 rolling wheels and two spare wheels with one ECU and enables range extension with additional OptiTire ECUs. It is also compatible with major OEM dashboards and other ZF telematics systems.

OptiTire is compliant with United Nations regulation ECE R141 and is part of the Advanced Driver Assistance System set that helps improve road safety in line with regulatory requirements.

Intelligent Braking Platform

SOLUTRANS will feature ZF’s Intelligent Braking Platform, the company’s most advanced solution offering standardisation and common components which enable lean production and simplified warehousing. Multi-voltage capability and generic communication protocols improve vehicle connectivity, while scalable variants from basic iABS to premium iEBS are applicable to a wide variety of different trailer types worldwide.

The focus is on iEBS and Park Release Valve with the intelligent electronic braking systems that bring intelligence and safety to pneumatically and mechanically suspended trailers. iEBS integrates the emergency function with ABS-controlled emergency braking and quick drive-off after parking, enhancing safety and uptime. Other advantages are improved vehicle control thanks to Rollover Stability Support as well as intelligent 3-dimensional axis acceleration sensing.

iEBS comes in combination with a unique Park Release Valve (PRV). The PRV features a patented single-button design to improve control of trailer coupling procedures and replaces the conventional two-button Park Release Emergency Valve (PREV). The new PRV offers an intuitive, one-handed operator interface for parking and shunting, as well as simplified installation.

Electrified trailer

Also, to be digitally showcased will be the Electrified Trailer Solution.

ZF’s latest version of its pioneering concept to electrify the trailer. The ZF electrified trailer solution is made possible by integrating ZF’s AxTrax 2 electric axle with a modular battery system box for recuperation and traction support. Thanks to its ability to recuperate energy from braking, the system can effectively convert a heavy-duty diesel truck into a hybrid vehicle, generating up to 16 per cent fuel and CO2 savings, while the optional plug-in variant can save up to 40 percent. The trailer also provides benefits for zero-emissions electrified heavy trucks by extending their range.

Along with products and live demonstrations, ZF will also provide digital presentations. Among them will be the SCALAR EVO Pulse – ZF´s trailer health monitoring telematics with real-time access to operational data for optimising trailer maintenance and uptime.

Intelligent Trailer Program which uses the intelligent connection of braking system, sensor technology, suspension, and chassis control to enable more than 40 advanced trailer functions.

ZF will be located at passage 34 A026 (between hall 3 and 4) at SOLUTRANS (Lyon Eurexpo) from 21-25 November

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