BPW launches new generation of running gear


The new iC Plus running gear from BPW is promising loads that are “not too heavy and not too empty,” with data displayed directly on a driver’s mobile phone.

The running gear analyses axle loads and transmits them in real time to the cargofleet 3 telematics portal from idem telematics.

“With iC Plus, we have succeeded in generating a whole range of relevant information based on regular, tried-and-tested running gear components, from axle load display to brake pad wear and performance analysis to digital maintenance management,” said BPW Product Manager, Katharina Kermelk. “To do this, we first equipped research vehicles with sensors which we were able to reliably replace with intelligent algorithms and computational models. This means increased efficiency with the same level of robustness, without the risk of failure or the need for additional maintenance.”

The driver uses a smartphone app to see how much weight is on each axle, whether the vehicle is properly balanced and how much load capacity is still available. The dispatcher can also immediately see how much the trailer can still carry, on the Web portal. 

Empty runs and under-utilised trailers are considered the number one efficiency killer in the transport industry, however, overloaded trailers can result in lengthy inspections, fines or even accidents, the company said, adding that a driver who can see whether their vehicle is overloaded on their smartphone, doesn’t need to worry about roadside checks. 

The axle load display is relevant for a wide range of vehicles, from standard curtainside vehicles to tankers trucks and tippers and is now standard on all iC Plus generation trailer running gear.

In other news, Toll Group has entered into a transaction agreement with Dubai-based logistics service provider CWT-SML.

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