CEVA unveils futuristic Los Angeles facility


CEVA Logistics has opened its new state-of-the-art transload site in Los Angeles, the first of its kind in North America.

The 12,000 square metre space, strategically located close to both the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles, has engaged robotics company, Boston Dynamics, to create full automation, catering to automotive, consumer retail and technology companies.

“The addition of our Los Angeles transload facility demonstrates CEVA’s ongoing commitment to expanding our services in North America,” said CEVA Managing Director for North America, Ashfaque Chowdhury. “The new site builds on our robust network of warehouses across the continent, giving our customers more control and flexibility over their supply chains.”

CEVA will be one of the first logistics companies in the United States to leverage Boston Dynamics’ Stretch robots to unload hundreds of boxes per hour, while its Spot robot will be used for security, patrolling the site.

“Stretch is designed to safely and rapidly unload containers, which can be a difficult task to perform manually based on the height and weight of boxes, as well as the often-high temperatures found inside containers,” said Boston Dynamics Senior Vice President and General Manager of Warehouse Robotics, Kevin Blankespoor. “Stretch can reach boxes up to 50 pounds (22 kgs) in weight, its vision system enables it to adapt to different stacking configurations, and it does not require any pre-programming. The robots are ready to go to work as soon as they arrive.”

A cross-belt sortation device, enabling 10,000 parcels to be sorted every hour based on preselected variables such as size, colour or preferred carrier, has also been implemented. The third-party logistics company expects to process a total of 26,000 floor-loaded containers during the facility’s first year in operation and to double its capacity within three years.

The site was designed to minimise its carbon footprint. Environmental initiatives, including rooftop solar panels and EV trucks powered by renewable energy sources, will be in service by January 2024.

In other news, Denmark’s Scan Global Logistics aims to expand its footprint on the Iberic Peninsula with the acquisition of  Portuguese logistics company, FLS.

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