Schmitz Cargobull makes Staffordshire delivery

NAT Enterprises has taken delivery of four Euroliners and a dropside flatbed trailer from Schmitz Cargobull as it looks to improve the efficiency of its European operations.

The haulage company, which is contracted by GreenChem to transport AdBlue storage tanks to Italy, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands and Belgium, opted for the Euroliners to ensure compliance with European trailer regulations.

“We were impressed with two used Schmitz trailers we bought a couple of years ago, and the Euroliner’s specifications suit our business perfectly,” said NAT Enterprises Operations Manager, Neil Harding. “For our work in Europe, they are better than I could buy off any UK-based manufacturer. The furthest place we go is southern Italy. That’s a long run but the Euroliner does the job superbly. The look and build quality of the trailers is very good. They are robust but light and have flexible carrying capacity.”

Two of the firm’s new Euroliners are used for a different arm of the business, transporting fresh sawn timber out of France for distribution to suppliers in the Midlands.

According to Harding, the key benefits are the lift axle of the ROTOS running gear on the trailer – designed to increase driving safety while reducing tyre wear – as well as the lower floor height and load security.

NAT Enterprises also acquired an S.PR BAU flatbed semi-trailer. With its reinforced chassis, high headboard and removable dropsides, the flatbed is used to transport oversize AdBlue storage tanks to European customers.

Working with Scania and Renault tractor units, the new arrivals join a mixed 50-plus fleet of trailers, HGVs and vans operating out of the company’s Stafford base and are expected to clock up around 120,000 km per year.

In other news, UK company, Kinaxia Logistics, has acquired the trade and assets of Nelson Distribution, securing  jobs and maintaining services.


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