Celebrating 55 years of TIP Group

As TIP marks its 55th year of operation, it’s a moment to celebrate its shared accomplishments and reflect on the journey — a tale of resilience and steadfast commitment to customer service and innovation.

The TIP Group journey began in 1968 with the founding of Transport Pool, pioneering the concept of trailer rental with branches in the Netherlands and Canada.

The success of the concept spurred expansion into other European markets. Initially, TIP was called Transport Pool and was a NASDAQ listed company. It was then acquired and renamed TIP by Gelco in 1975, before being acquired by GE Capital in 1993. As a stand-alone division of GE Capital, TIP’s business was transformed and continued to grow to become a leading equipment services provider. In 2003, when our current CEO, Bob Fast, was appointed, our fleet had grown to 67,000 trailers.

Ownership transferred from GE Capital to the Chinese HNA Group in 2013, and then to I Squared Capital in 2018. Along the years, TIP has maintained its innovative drive, tailoring services to meet evolving customer needs.

A leading equipment service provider
Across 18 countries and over 130 locations, TIP had cemented its position as a leading equipment services provider in Europe and Canada. Beyond this expansive reach, TIP’s services had diversified to meet the needs of its customers. Leases and rentals were just the beginning of a diverse range of offerings.

At the heart of their evolution were top-class services, such as maintenance and repair services for its customers because staying roadworthy during the entire lease and rent period is crucial. Customers could then maximise their trailer fleet’s performance.

TIP also delved into the digital realm with cutting-edge telematics like FleetRadar, empowering customers with real-time visibility and advanced analytics for a competitive edge.

By 2022, TIP Trailer Services was offering a wider range of services than ever before. Therefore, to better reflect our various business entities, activities, geographical scope and diverse fleet, TIP introduced the trademark name TIP Group.

“As we celebrate our 55th anniversary, we take immense pride in the journey of our company,” said TIP Group CEO and President, Bob Fast. “Through the years, we have embraced growth, evolving with dynamic markets while upholding our core values and firm commitment to excellence. Our diverse offerings and continuous innovations have paved the way for setting new industry benchmarks and expanding our global footprint. With sustainability as our compass, we envision a greener future, leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.”

Building a strong corporate culture
Peter Drucker’s famous quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is an interesting way to say that the greatest business strategy will fail without a company culture that encourages people to implement it. A company is nothing more than its people, and in our 55 years, TIP Group has taken this to heart.

It takes care of its people and is focused on fostering an environment where everyone can enjoy the security, stability, and growth potential of working in an established, internationally oriented organisation. TIP is committed to providing ongoing career development opportunities for its employees. The recent launch of two new academies (TIP Sales Academy and the TIP Mechanic Academy) is a great example of what TIP can do to give people a flying start.

“More than anything, I am enormously proud of our dedicated employees who drive customer service excellence every day across all areas of our business,” said Fast. “People are at the heart of our business, and we would not have been able to celebrate this milestone without all their hard work.”

The company’s impact on communities is also deeply rooted in its culture. From local branches to global reach, TIP is stepping up its efforts to positively influence local communities with sustainable practices, training initiatives and charity work. For TIP, it can continue to innovate and grow in a sustainable way that also empowers people.

Looking towards the future: our commitment to sustainability
TIP Group considers climate change and its impact on the environment the single biggest challenge of our generation. The business believes it is our responsibility to pull together in a powerful and united response for the benefit of future generations. As an industry leader, TIP strives to drive the industry towards greener logistic solutions, for the generations to come. This conviction is what drives TIP’s Environmental, Social and Governance vision and is why the organisation is proud of the recognition it received in 2022 and 2023, rated Silver in Ecovadis’ sustainability rating and being named ESG Global 50 Top Rated by Sustainalitics.

TIP said it will continue to innovate and develop new sustainable transport solutions that have a significantly reduced footprint and emissions. “As we reduce our own emissions, we’re in a position to help customers do the same. Together we will lower our carbon footprint with a positive impact on the environment and communities.”

Thank you for your trust and partnership since 1968!
“As we reflect on our 55-year journey and look towards the future, we need to first acknowledge the significant role our dedicated employees, valued customers, and reliable partners have played in our success,” TIP Group said in a statement.

“Our achievements are not ours alone but are the shared result of a collective effort that spans over five decades. To our hard-working team, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your commitment, innovative spirit, and resilience have been the lifeblood of our organisation.

“To our loyal customers, we say thank you for trust. Your belief in our services has fuelled our growth and propelled our ambition. And to our partners, we appreciate your unwavering support and collaboration throughout this remarkable journey. Together, we will continue to shape the world of transport, guided by our shared commitment to expertise, innovation and sustainability.”

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