Europa Road offers dedicated service to Belgium

Europa Road has launched a specialist service providing unaccompanied, part or full loads for freight forwarders shipping between the UK and Belgium.

Europa Direct will ship to the Benelux and Ruhr regions with a team of ten service experts positioned in both Dartford and Oostende. According to the UK government, trade to Belgium amounts to approximately £59.1 billion.

“Rising costs and added complexity associated with transporting goods post-Brexit mean that now more than ever, we must be prioritising a fast, reliable and seamless movement of goods,” said Europa Non-Network & Continent Director, Carlo Turner.

“The team will have access to the latest trailer availability information to ensure a prompt, hassle-free booking process. Not only does this ensure our freight-forwarders can ship on excellent shipping terms, but it also allows us to fill our trailers, minimising wasted journeys.”

Europa Road is the European road freight division of Europa Worldwide Group and operates more than 60 unaccompanied trailer journeys across the North Sea every day. The launch of Europa Direct follows a series of investments in Europa Road aimed at providing a seamless movement of goods in and out of the region post-Brexit. This includes a £5m investment in Europa Flow, a Delivery Duty Paid service launched in 2021, which takes care of customs clearances in advance of shipment arrivals.

In other news, JB Hunt Transport has agreed to purchase the brokerage operations of BNSF Logistics.

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