DHL launches direct US to Argentina route

DHL Argentina

DHL has announced the launch of its first dedicated network flight to Argentina, which will operate six times per week between Miami International Airport and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Operated by DHL Aero Expreso, the Boeing B767-300 aircraft will provide a gross payload capacity of 47 tonnes per flight and include a stopover in Santiago.

“DHL remains steadfast and bullish in its belief in the power of trade, and how it continues to drive local economies, build prosperity and fuel entrepreneurship,” said CEO of DHL Express Americas, Mike Parra. “The introduction of this new flight to Argentina reinforces our unwavering commitment to global trade by delivering faster and more efficient shipping and logistics solutions, and addressing the growing demand in the region.”

The new DHL network flight will improve delivery times for U.S. origin shipments, the company said, resulting in a 10 per cent increase in shipments clearing customs the same day the flight arrives in Argentina, and a 50 per cent increase in shipments being delivered the same day they are cleared.  Service for shipments originating in Argentina have also improved, enabling 100 per cent of shipments to be exported, at the latest, the day following the pick-up.

In 2021, DHL added Chile to its dedicated network with a direct flight from the United States. In 2022, Brazil was incorporated into the network as well, with more than 500 tonnes of cargo capacity per week. This flight also improved connectivity with Central America through its connection in Colombia.

In other DHL news, Operations at DHL Express’s €131 million upgraded gateway at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport have begun.

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