Smart solutions

Schwarzmüller will offer smart solutions in a complete range at NUFAM.

With 50,000 square metres of hall capacity and a further 30,000 square metres of outdoor and special exhibition space available, this year’s commercial vehicle trade fair at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Center will be the largest NUFAM in its history.

At this important trade fair for commercial vehicles, the Schwarzmüller Group, together with its subsidiary Hüffermann, will be presenting a diverse portfolio for the construction and infrastructure industry, waste disposal and recycling industry, long-distance transport and the wood industry from September 21-24 at stand A405 in the Arena.

The Schwarzmüller Group produces an extensive range: with over 150 different vehicle types, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of towed commercial vehicles in Europe, which are optimised for a wide variety of industries and transport requirements. The company offers more than 100 different trailers for construction and infrastructure. In the long-distance sector, the company produces, in addition to the standard cargo trailer, special platform vehicles in a lightweight design for transporting paper, steel or beverages. What sets Schwarzmüller apart from others is the flexibility and individuality of the products. A whopping 60 percent of vehicles contain bespoke components that go beyond the standard list.

New standards are constantly being set in terms of higher payloads, longer operating times, simple and safe handling and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Thanks to innovations in construction, metal processing and welding technology, the Schwarzmüller trailers combine extreme robustness with a low dead weight. Particularly noteworthy is their pioneering role in the field of lightweight construction, in which the company offers variants in many product groups that weigh up to 1,000 kilograms less than standard vehicles. These lightweight vehicles account for more than two thirds of total sales.

At the NUFAM in Karlsruhe, visitors have the opportunity to experience the diverse portfolio of the Schwarzmüller Group and its subsidiary Hüffermann up close. The show offers a unique opportunity to learn about the smart solutions and innovative technology behind the trailers.

Schwarzmüller will showcase 10 vehicles at NUFAM 2023.

A trade fair highlight: the new 3-AXIS STEEL MOLDER (outdoor area)
The newly designed three-axle steel box body has been specially developed for the waste disposal industry and has a capacity of 52 metres cubed. Thanks to the high-pressure front press, it can be tilted up to a tipping angle of 46 degrees. The trough in a weight-optimised lightweight construction has horizontally profiled walls and a stabilising frame in the upper area. The continuous rocker shaft and its minimal distance to the rear axle make a significant contribution to maximum tilting stability. The rear wall consists of a double door, which is locked and operated by an espagnolette lock.

A pneumatic safety lock is also installed for safe loading and unloading, which is actuated on the side of the trailer. A roller tarpaulin including removable or swiveling pipe cross connections, LED lighting, a standing platform and a raised coupling position round off this vehicle.

Three-axis POWER LINE coil: Less weight, more power (exhibition stand)
With the POWER LINE series newly developed in 2020, the trailer for transporting coils or sheet metal rolls has also been revised. The POWER LINE is designed in a lightweight construction with a new frame geometry, so that the vehicles weigh less but deliver more power. For example, the forklift axle load was increased from 5.6 to 7.2 tonnes.

As an option, an 8.4-metre-long trough embedded in the floor enables the safe transport of coil rolls with a diameter of 0.9 to 2.1 metres. Tubular stanchions with the corresponding plug-in housings in the frame and reinforced 4-tonne lashing brackets secure the sheet metal rolls. With covers for the coil pan, the vehicle is ready for general cargo use and thus guarantees flexible use. The trailer is equipped with Schwarzmüller Intelligent Telematics SWIT LOCAL TRAC. The package transmits location, load status or mileage to an Internet interface in real time.

Three-axle sliding floor semi-trailer with Quick TOP cover (exhibition stand)
Schwarzmüller already builds the moving floor semi-trailer in the standard version with an aluminium chassis. This achieves a weight reduction of around 150 kilograms compared to the conventional steel construction. The resulting welding of chassis and body increases stability. The trailer is equipped with an electric ‘Quick TOP’ roll top, which the driver operates via radio from the ground. This significantly shortens loading and unloading times, and the driver saves himself the laborious and potentially dangerous work on the standing platform. The walking floor saddle is equipped with Schwarzmüller Intelligent Telematics SWIT LOCAL TRAC. The package transmits location, load status or mileage to an Internet interface in real time.

Three-axle steel segment body: all-rounder on the construction site (exhibition stand)
The classic in the tipper segment. With an unladen weight from 5.3 tonnes and a torsion-resistant lightweight steel frame, the vehicle combines maximum robustness with a comparatively low dead weight. Torsion tubes installed horizontally in the frame and a rear torsion box together with the 4-point bearing tipper press ensure excellent tipping stability.

An automatic lowering device during the tipping process ensures even more reliability during the tipping process.
An electronic brake system with stability program, a lifting axle as a starting aid, a body made of high-quality wear-resistant steel and a fully electric sliding roof with radio remote control are many practical and strong arguments for the Schwarzmüller steel body: A good choice for transporting sand, excavated earth or gravel.

Four-axle low-loader trailer: load carrier for excess width (exhibition stand)
The most important criteria for a low-loader when transporting construction machinery is low loading height and a robust frame construction. This is exactly what the four-axle low-loader trailer with excavator trough and front roller with an unladen weight from 7.95 tonnes offers. The low bed has a loading height of around 90 centimetres. Together with the cranked frame section above the bogie that can be driven over, Schwarzmüller has thus created the optimum conditions for transporting tall and extra-wide machines.

But this low-loader has even more highlights. The hydraulically operated two-part ramps, which can also be hydraulically adjusted in width, simplify loading and unloading. With the flat loading angle of only 8 degrees, even construction vehicles with little ground clearance can be loaded and unloaded without any problems. Extensive lashing options support load security. Schwarzmüller also sets the standards when it comes to corrosion protection: the drawbar, bogie and access ramp are hot-dip galvanised as standard.

Off-road tipper trailer: the professional among dumpers (booth)
The TP22 off-road tipper tipper trailer stays totally cool even on rough terrain. The tipper owes its stability to the 30-ton pendulum chassis and the specially shaped frame, which can be used with a tire width of 650 centimetres allows a total width of less than 2.55 metres. Due to its properties, the TP22 is an ideal commercial vehicle for off-road use.

The hydraulically sprung drawbar installed as standard absorbs shocks and thus eliminates negative driving characteristics. The protected lines, the built-in full LED lighting and the brakes, which function fully automatically via a hydraulic brake pressure regulator, ensure greater safety, both on the construction site and on the road.

Two-axle tandem tipper trailer: The absolute lightweight on the market (outdoor area)
Multifunctional and universally applicable: the tandem three-way tipping trailer from Schwarzmüller can be used on any construction site. With a dead weight of 3.65 tonnes, an interior width of 2.42 metres and a loading volume of around 11.6 cubic metres, it is suitable for both bulk goods and palletised goods. With an optionally selectable aluminium tipper bridge, it becomes the lightest trailer on the market at the moment. I

ts distinctive features include the lightweight hollow chamber construction of the tipper body, a screwable and therefore height-adjustable towing eye, the swinging and folding side walls with spring lifting aid and central locking or the swinging rear wall with pneumatic locking. The offset drawbar allows the truck to be tipped backwards, even when the trailer is attached.

Three-axle pillar saddle: one for short and long timber (outdoor area)
The 13 metre long, straight frame of the Schwarzmüller stanchion saddle offers many options for stanchion construction. The number and type of pillar bolsters can be adjusted using clamps. Whether steel or aluminium bunks, the customer has a free choice here, and the number of bunks can also be matched to the length of wood to be transported. Telescopic stanchions also make use even more flexible, as the loading height can be adjusted accordingly. The trailer is therefore suitable for transporting logs as well as sawn goods.

The stanchion semi-trailer is also equipped with Schwarzmüller Intelligent Telematics LOCAL TRAC as standard.

Two-axis Hüffermann Multi-Carrier: more versatile than any other (exhibition stand)
The Multi-Carrier from Hüffermann is a true all-rounder that can take on almost any challenge. With its ability to transport tracked excavators, wheeled excavators, wheel loaders, skips, roll-off containers and ISO containers and combinations thereof, it masters a wide range of tasks with ease. This trailer is the ideal solution for construction sites and road transport alike. The numerous equipment options offer additional flexibility and adaptability.

The high-strength chassis made of fine-grain special steel was specially tailored to the requirements of various containers and construction machines. Automatic pneumatic locks ensure that the containers are securely fastened, while lashing options on the outer frame ensure secure load securing for construction machinery or combined loads.

The immobiliser increases the level of security by blocking the brake if proper locking does not occur. A protected storage compartment for the aluminium docking ramps is located in the rear of the trailer. The ‘Park Safety Fix’ package includes self-sufficient lighting that offers additional safety in parking lots that are difficult to see.

The Multi-Carrier from Hüffermann is the optimal solution for construction companies and transport companies looking for a versatile and reliable transport solution. With its sturdy construction and wide range of features, it is ready to handle any transport task with ease.

Two-axle Hüffermann sled carrier: efficient transport guaranteed
Hüffermann has subjected the sled carrier to a comprehensive redesign in order to better meet the requirements of the waste disposal industry. With the improved properties, the transport of roll-off containers with a length of five to seven meters is now even easier and safer. The weight-optimised, high-strength chassis made of fine-grain special steel was specially designed to move the attached sled almost smoothly.

The integrated roller bearings also accommodate defective and damaged container rollers, which supports the vehicle’s performance and improves the transport process. A pneumatically functioning four-way container lock ensures easy and convenient load securing.

The immobiliser prevents the trailer from moving away as long as the lock is open, thus increasing safety during transport. The sled carrier can be customized to meet specific customer requirements and adapt the trailers to different applications. With the new, improved sled carrier, Hüffermann presents a reliable and flexible transport solution for the waste disposal industry. The optimised construction and the numerous equipment options make the trailer an indispensable tool for your company.

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