Robust and green

Kögel supports the sustainability movement across Europe with its Lightplus, Port, Cool and Multi series trailers.

Road transport fleets are generally mindful of their carbon footprint which is why Kögel provides a solution that combines sustainability and economy in line with the OEM’s promise ‘Economy meets Ecology’.

At the NUFAM trade fair in Karlsruhe from September 21 to 24 this year, Kögel will be presenting four trailers for different applications in Hall 2, Stand A 215, representing its wide range of products for the freight forwarding and construction industries.

Intelligent lightweight construction is of particular importance at Kögel. This enables a significant increase in payload without fleet operators having to compromise on the solidity and durability of the trailer.

Kögel sets the best values in the segment with the specially weight-optimised Kögel Lightplus, which is available from a tare weight of just under 5.2 tonnes. As an example of this series, Kögel will be showing the versatile standard version in Karlsruhe.

Modular system allows the Lightplus to be configured for individual applications
Like all tarpaulin trailers from Kögel, the Lightplus trailers can also be configured for many customer-specific applications thanks to the underlying modular system.

For example, the weight-optimised trailers are available with paper, coil and beverage equipment, as well as a Mega for the automotive industry or as a plateau trailer for transporting construction materials.

A special highlight is the craneable Kögel Cargo Lightplus Rail, which on the one hand has the solid construction for use in combined transport (CT), but with a tare weight starting at around 5.8 tonnes has a weight advantage of up to one tonne over comparable standard designs. It thus combines the economic and ecological advantages of a lightweight vehicle with the use of the environmentally friendly rail mode of transport, making CT even more attractive.

Semi-trailers and trailers for multimodal transport are generally given a high priority at Kögel, as they tap into the strengths of the individual modes of transport. This also applies to the container chassis of the Kögel Port Duplex series.

The chassis with two extensions are already suitable for most swap bodies and now feature Kögel’s own four-roller mounted, one-piece front extension, which has already proven itself countless times over on the Port 45 Triplex. The new pull-out is particularly light and low-maintenance. In combination with the weight-optimized frame, the weight advantage is up to 700 kilograms compared with the previous generation.

The Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality is also one of the lightest trailers in its segment. Many practical details such as the Climatex air ducts, anchor rails, double deck and impact protection devices make it a robust all-rounder for transporting frozen and fresh goods as well as all goods that require special weather protection.

Kögel Multi: Smart & versatile platform concept
Professionals for weather-resistant loads are again the platform semitrailers from Kögel. The exhibited Multi variant represents the most extensively equipped version of the platform trailers and demonstrates how versatile this series can be used.

The body of the Multi consists of a steel bulkhead, fold-down drop sides and a double wing door at the rear. Thanks to the removable body components, the Multi is also suitable for transporting goods with excess width and length, such as precast concrete parts, formwork and long steel, as well as wire mesh.

Stanchion pocket strips and plug-in stanchions, in combination with the side and rear stanchions, which are also foldable, as well as the numerous options for hooking in tension belts, enable load securing to be adapted to a wide variety of loads.

However, the Multi is only one of several body variants. Within the plateau trailer series, there is a choice of variants with coil trough or mega versions with low semitrailer dimensions for high loads, as well as with the extra weight-optimised chassis of the Kögel Lightplus.

In addition to practical products, Kögel offers a comprehensive range of value-added services in line with its customer promise ‘Because we care’. An essential basis for this is the Kögel Telematics trailer telematics system, the hardware of which is installed as standard on all Kögel trailers. In conjunction with customised operating contracts, it forms the basis for Kögel’s full-service contracts.

The rental fleet from Kögel Rent and customised financing solutions from Kögel Finance, as well as the recycling of used vehicles by Kögel Used, allow all customers competitive cost security, as vehicle acquisition, operation and service are covered by fixed monthly rates. The services of the Kögel After Market division ensure that the value of the trailers is maintained at a high level through expert service and high-quality spare parts.

Earlier this year, Schwarz Haulage invested in Kögel trailers to improve its operational efficiency.

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