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Wielton, Poland’s leading manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers, and truck bodies,will be presenting as many as eight modern products, discussing the ecological challenges facing the transport industry at this year’s NUFAM event in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Visitors to the exhibition hall will see the manufacturer’s new products, including the Scrap Master tipper, the Recycle Master Slider hook trailer, and the Curtain Swap Master swap body. Wielton will also show a wide range of product configuration options. The event will run from 21 to 24 September.

Wielton has once again decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the NUFAM trade fair to present its latest solutions to a wider audience. This year, it will present a wide range of products that respond to the diverse needs of the transport industry. The big European will present as many as eight products that can be used in both traditional transport, as well as intermodal, or in very difficult conditions of use.

The multitude of product families and their configuration possibilities mean that Wielton can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. Furthermore, what unites the brand’s products on display in Karlsruhe and differentiates them from its competitors’ offers is their personalisation and high customisation to meet the diverse needs of customers.

For years, Wielton has not only relied on products with multiple configuration options but has also involved customers in the process of designing and testing prototypes. Some companies contact the Polish manufacturer directly with a request to design and build a dedicated semi-trailer or solution for them.

For this reason, Wielton’s product portfolio is growing dynamically and the manufacturer is constantly expanding its market knowledge of the most diverse transport and logistics needs. The Polish manufacturer is also successively introducing products and solutions to its portfolio that minimise the harmful effects of transport on the environment.

“At our stand, visitors will find innovative products that respond to the individual needs of even the most demanding customers, which have been designed to reduce the carbon footprint,” said Wielton S.A. Managing Director, Piotr Kuś. “In Wielton, we focus on a wide range, high quality products and perfectly matching them to customer requirements. We listen to the needs of the market and respond to them on an ongoing basis by including new products and solutions in our portfolio. At this year’s NUFAM, we will present many vehicles, including several new products, such as the Scrap Master tipper, the Recycle Master Slider hook trailer, and the Curtain Swap Master (BDF) swap body. I warmly invite you to visit our stand.”

Wielton S.A. Managing Director, Piotr Kuś.

Wielton – Expert on the road
Visitors to the fair will be able to visit the Wielton stand and see a wide range of products and solutions valued by customers, including: the Curtain Master curtainsider semi-trailer in standard and mega versions, tipper trailers including the Weight Master, Bulk Master, and the new Strap Master, as well as products for intermodal transport.

Not only semi-trailers will be exhibited, but also a wide range of configurations and customisation options, or cargo securing systems. Moreover, during the NUFAM fair, you will be able to see products with the Aberg logo, i.e. high-quality components and spare parts for the Wielton Group’s semi-trailers. Aberg Service is the company that supports all Group companies in after-sales service. In addition, the solutions from Aberg Connect, the company responsible for its own telematics and TPMS solutions dedicated to products from all Group brands, will also be on display.

“We are delighted to be participating in the NUFAM trade fair again and to have the opportunity to meet our customers in person,” said Wielton GmbH Managing Director, Holger Kauer. “Wielton semi-trailers are becoming increasingly popular on the German market and the brand is gaining recognition. Customers appreciate the high quality of the products combined with the variety of configurations and the openness to produce tailor-made semi-trailers. We are not afraid of challenges and are happy to take on non-standard solutions. Semi-trailers equipped with unique, personalised solutions developed together with customers set Wielton apart from the competition.”

Wielton GmbH Managing Director, Holger Kauer.

A reliable partner for intermodal transport
Recent years have seen the intensive development of intermodal transport, which is gaining in popularity year after year. The unquestionable advantages of this type of transport are above all the reduction of transport costs and the limitation of emissions into the environment. Wielton has modern products for combined transport in its extensive portfolio. One such product is the swap body Curtain Swap Master, which is new to Wielton’s product range.

The swap body (BDF), together with a dedicated chassis, provides a complete, certified solution for road-rail transport, which is suitable for a variety of operations. The body is mainly used in the shipping, furniture, and automotive sectors. The Curtain Swap Master, which will be presented during NUFAM, has a curtain finish and is 7820mm long, translating into 56 cubic metres of volume and a payload capacity of up to 19 pallets.

The curb weight of the body is 2.8 tonnes. The swap body, equipped with special support legs, is easy to handle and quick to reload, which is particularly important in combined transport. The possibility of transporting the body by different vehicles significantly reduces the need for vehicle downtime, which translates into reduced transport costs. In addition, BDF bodies standing on their supports can also act as mobile storage areas. The Curtain Swap Master can be viewed at Wielton’s indoor stand – hall 1, stand-no. A111.

Solid support for waste transport
Another novelty in the offer that Wielton will be presenting at NUFAM is the Recycle Master M3 Slider hook trailer. This is a new trailer model dedicated to the transport of roll containers by DIN 30722. These types of containers are used to transport various types of waste.

The vehicle uses a bent frame made of high-quality, lightweight, and strong S700 steel. The Recycle Master M3 Slider has main beams as high as 400 mm, which additionally ensure the durability and rigidity of the frame. The trailer is also equipped with a reinforced beam, cylinder, and heavy-duty axles. A distinctive feature of this vehicle is the lowest container height from the ground on the market, guaranteeing driving stability and greater safety.

In addition, equipping the Recycle Master M3 Slider with an extendable trolley on the frame makes it easy to load the container, even with damaged rollers. Depending on the configuration, the vehicle can weigh as little as 3,150 kg.

The trailer will be on display indoors – hall 1, stand-no. A111. On the outside stand, Wielton will show the Recycle Master M2 trailer. Like the previous model, it is a hook trailer dedicated to the transport of roll containers compliant with DIN 30722, but with a straight frame. The vehicle is used for municipal waste transport. It features a strong, rigid yet lightweight construction, thanks to a frame made of S700 steel.

The trailer is protected against corrosion with an effective cataphoretic painting. The vehicle has a wide range of configuration options to ensure the best fit for individual customer requirements. The Recycle Master M2 is distinguished by its optimised tare weight. Depending on the configuration, the trailer can weigh as little as 3,700 kg and transport a 14.3-tonne load.

Products for a special assignment
Wielton will also present three tippers: the new Scrap Master model, as well as the Weight Master and Bulk Master models, which are well-known to customers. The first of these, the Scrap Master steel tipper, is designed for transporting scrap metal, i.e. for work in the toughest conditions. Thanks to the construction of the load box from HARDOX 500TUF steel, the structure is characterised by high strength and durability.

The excellent rigidity of the box, confirmed by FEM calculations, is also ensured by the new revised shape of the top edge made of HARDOX 500TUF. The volume of the load box, up to as much as 62 cubic metres, and the length of the inner floor, amounting to 12.1m, make it possible to transport scrap metal of various sizes and shapes. The use of wear-resistant materials in the construction of the tipper guarantees resistance to loads with irregular, sharp edges.

Due to the modern construction of the box, it was necessary to design a new frame to adhere to the box along its entire length. The shape of the frame straps was also changed (V-type) and the axis of rotation was rebuilt, which made it possible to lower the load box below the standard level of square boxes, thus lowering the centre of gravity of the box, improving its stability. The aluminium Weight Master tipper is a well-known model to Wielton customers.

The semi-trailer is used for transporting construction materials, asphalt, as well as pallet loads, big bags, and agricultural crops. Despite its low unladen weight, starting at 4,700kg, the vehicle is characterised by high strength and reliability during transport.

The capacity of the load box ranges from 23 to 64 cubic metres. Depending on the conditions in which the trailer is used, there is a choice of two frame versions – one in standard design (Super Light) and a reinforced version (SL HD) for use in more difficult conditions. Tapered to the front frame is made of high-strength S700 steel to achieve the highest possible strength and stability. The floor is made of an aluminum alloy with improved durability (ENDUR-AL. HB110) to ensure maximum abrasion resistance.

The aluminium Bulk Master is another well-known tipper from Wielton on the market. The semi-trailer with increased payload capacity is designed for the agricultural sector. It has a load box, with a volume of 67 cubic metres, made of ENDUR-AL. HB110 and a durable frame made of high-grade S700 steel.

The use of a gooseneck design in the frame ensures that the trailer’s centre of gravity is lowered, resulting in greater stability when driving, manoeuvring, and unloading. A distinctive feature of the Bulk Master is the reduced overall height of the vehicle and the lower loading threshold of the top edge and floor. All tipper models have a variety of equipment options and configurations depending on customers’ needs and requirements. The tippers can be viewed at Wielton’s indoor and outdoor stands.

Semi-trailers recognised by customers
Visitors to the NUFAM trade fair will also be able to take a look at products that have been popular with customers for many years, such as the Curtain Master semi-trailer in standard and mega versions. These are universal vehicles capable of transporting various types of bulk or palletised goods.

Curtain semi-trailers from Wielton are characterised by durability, tightness, and functionality of use. The modern construction of the frame and body ensures the high durability of the semi-trailer, confirmed by numerous tests conducted at the Wielton Research and Development Department. In the production of the vehicle, modern hybrid welding technology was used, which makes it possible to achieve solid and precise welds that minimize the risk of deformation, thereby extending the life cycle of the semi-trailer.

The chassis has been protected against corrosion using a cataphoresis painting technique. The durable and proven design with optimised weight (from 6,100kg) significantly reduces the cost of its operation on long routes. On the other hand, the Curtain Master MEGA with Intermodal system will be perfect for intermodal transport of large-sized goods, such as those from the automotive industry, and cargoes requiring the tightness of a large loading capacity, such as beverages, tyres, and household appliances. Lowering the level of the frame and suspension allowed the use of a higher frame, so the semi-trailer can transport goods up to 3m high, and the total volume of the vehicle is about 100 cubic metres. At the same time, the low curb weight of the semi-trailer has been maintained – from 6,300kg.

The vehicle is designed for mixed transport, thanks to its reinforced frame and air suspension, as well as ergonomic solutions such as a folding bumper. The semi-trailer has the appropriate reinforcements in the chassis to enable vertical handling, i.e. separable suspension, four grab points ‘grab handles’ arrangement by the UIC 596-5 standard, and a reinforced connection board, which is protected by additional rubber bumpers.

The vehicle can also be used for transport by ferry, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with ferry handles that allow it to be properly secured during the crossing by ship. The Curtain Master MEGA Intermodal has also been equipped with the ELDECK roof defrosting system and the new goods locking solution, the Aberg Fix. Both products have multiple configurations to suit individual customer needs. The semi-trailers will be on display at Wielton’s indoor and outdoor stands.

Aberg Service – reliable aftersales service
Aberg Service is constantly growing and successively introducing new products and solutions to its portfolio. The company’s mission is to take care of the trouble-free operation of the Wielton Group’s vehicles by efficiently managing the entire after-sales service process and providing modern solutions in the area of broadly understood service. Aberg Service, with its extensive service network, is present wherever the Group’s customers need it.

Thanks to modern solutions, it takes care of preventive maintenance of vehicles, and when this is not possible, it manages the repair process so that customers can continue driving in the shortest possible time. The company has started producing replacement parts and components under the Aberg brand and launched the Aberg Navigator Platform for service partners. During NUFAM, Aberg Service will present its solutions to customers at the Wielton stand (hall 1, stand-no. A111).

Aberg Connect – monitoring of vehicles
Aberg Connect develops telematics solutions and tire pressure monitoring systems for Wielton Group products. It has solutions designed to monitor the condition of vehicles in real-time. In addition to GPS location, it provides information on the current status of many technical parameters of the semi-trailer, i.e. tyre pressure, axle load, mileage, or current speed.

It responds to the needs of transport companies in the field of fleet management and monitoring – not only does it make it easier to operate and maintain the proper condition of vehicles, but most importantly, it increases the safety of drivers and goods.

The Aberg Connect portal is a tool that facilitates fast and effective monitoring of the fleet, checking current information about vehicles and reacting quickly in case of any defects. Aberg Connect solutions will be demonstrated on Wielton products. Two trailers equipped with Aberg Connect can be seen in process and it is possible to go for a test ride with them.
Wielton encourages you to visit its spaces at the NUFAM trade fair in Karlsruhe. To see the products and talk together, it invites you to hall 1, stand-no. A111 and at our outdoor stand.

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