Guiding light

Create the very best in trailer lighting. Austria’s Aspöck hits both safety and design goals with its all-European offerings on show at this year‘s NUFAM trade fair.

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the roads of the world places great importance on visibility. And rightly so.

Aspöck Systems has been a leading manufacturer of prefabricated lighting systems for towed vehicles

for more than 45 years. In that time, it has kept the lighting industry in check with experience, knowledge, state-of-the-art LED technology and the drive to always be one step ahead. Together with its customers, SUER and Hofmeister & Meincke, the Austrian light manufacturer will illuminate the NUFAM in Kahlsruhe, Germany from 21 to 24 September.

Last autumn, Aspöck Systems presented its current rear lamp model. The Ecoled III is equipped with streamlined features and is light, slim and made in Europe.

This rear lamp’s job is to be visible. Different lighting conditions and requirements during the day, nighttime visibility, fog, tunnels, reversing and sudden braking make this simple task a challenge time and time again.

The focus is always on safety for everyone on the road. In the reliable full-LED design, equipped with tail, brake, reversing and rear fog lights and an integrated dynamic state-of-the-art directional indicator, it is the perfect interplay of Aspöck’s previous developments for the truck trailer market.

“Our goal was to present a purely European lighting product and not every company can do that within its organisation,” said 24 V Sales Director, Wolfgang Ahamer.

“The clear design of the Ecoled III appeals to customers and we have already been able to successfully complete the first major requests.”

The energy-efficient full-LED Ecoled III rear lamp is designed and engineered at the headquarters in Austria, handled in the Aspöck Group and produced at its largest production site, Aspöck Portugal.

This is a commitment to increasing value creation in the EU, all while protecting its own jobs.

Going far beyond the typical installation regulations, the taillight of the Ecoled III features a large homogeneous light area with “glowing body technology.” The retro-reflector triangle is moved outward to the left and right rear lamps, to give the taillight area even more space. Its modern appearance is the Aspöck Ecoled III’s visual trademark. The two taillights are also programmed to be team players; connected in a cross circuit, they help each other out and counteract possible failures.

The Ecoled III in the 24-volt version is equipped as standard with ISO pulse 13207-1 and with a control for flashing side marker lamps (SMCG). The chemical and scratch resistant lens is also welded, which certifies the rear lamp in the highest protection class IP6K9K. The predetermined breaking point on the mounting bracket of the outline marker also prevents damage.

FlexLED Number Plate Holder
Two functions, one product, simple assembly – the FlexLED Number Plate Holder will also be available for viewing again at NUFAM. It is slim and universal and, combined with electrical contacting, it benefits from waterproof connections AMP and Superseal, as well as Aspöck connection system ASS2 or P&R.

The bracket, including LED lighting, offers the highest protection class IP6K9K. Vibration testing and ADR certification, combined with the successful 480-hour saltwater spray test, confirm its sturdy design and durability. It couldn’t be simpler – both the number plate and the number plate holder itself can be clamped with Aspöck’s smart, quick-mounting system, making changing them out a breeze. A conventional screw connection is also possible. The illuminated number plate holder is suitable for all EU number plates with a height of 110mm and 120mm and is equipped with the FlexLED medium LED strip light component.

FlexLED LED Strips
With its FlexLED LED strips, Aspöck Systems is offering a product that provides safety and emphasises on design, which is a distinguishing feature of the lighting designer in the commercial vehicle industry. FlexLED strips score points with their uncomplicated appearance, while their field of application ranges from, interior lighting of truck trailers and exterior lighting of caravans, to third brake lights and now also lighting elements in the simple Aspöck license plate holder. Product lengths of up to 15m can also be created on Aspöck’s in-house continuous line. Just ask for more information at NUFAM.

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