BPW launches Formula 1-style brake service

BPW has announced it will convert all its 10-tonne-rated axles for 12-tonne-axle-load with ECO Plus 3 bearing technology.

In addition to Formula 1-style, wheel-end dismounting via the central torque-limited axle nut, resulting in easy servicing,  the latest generation of bearings offers many other maintenance advantages, the company said.

This means, regardless of wheel size, brake type and other structural characteristics, all BPW products in these axle load classes will have the benefits of the ECO Plus 3 bearing technology, which was introduced in 2015 in the 9.0 tonne axle segment.

As in Formula 1, the hub with the stepped bearing can be disassembled and assembled quickly via a central axle nut and without special tools such as pullers, according to BPW. If the wheel bolts are loosened beforehand, the brake disc can be ‘popped out’ of the caliper with a flick of the wrist after pulling off the hub. With drum brakes, the complete wheel-hub unit can even be removed and all brake components can be replaced directly.

Compared to the previous versions, according to BPW, this third-generation bearing technology offers fleet operators other advantages, especially in terms of serviceability, operating costs and mileage.

The large number of common parts between the individual axle types of the ECO Plus 3 generation simplifies spare parts stocking and parts identification for customers and when servicing, the same operations are and tools are used, providing a faster workflow.

Meanwhile, BPW is offering the 5+3 year ECO Plus warranty for all ECO Plus 3 units in the on-road and standard off-road range. The warranty is extended by a further three years following the mandatory service check after five years, an offer that applies across Europe and without mileage restrictions.

In other news, German logistics company, LIT, has further diversified its services, acquiring Gübau Group.

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