Wabash to double production with plant renovation

Trailer builder, Wabash, has officially opened its advanced dry van trailer manufacturing facility in Lafayette, Indiana.

Announced in July 2021, production on the expansion began several months ago. Once the plant is fully operational, the company said it will double production with the same facility footprint and workforce.

“The opportunity for this renovation was more than just adding capacity,” said Wabash President and CEO, Brent Yeagy.

“It was about incorporating targeted automation to improve safety and the worker experience in a more operator friendly design. At its core it was about investment in our future.”

The facility is expected to produce an additional 10,000 dry van trailers annually, the full impact of which the company expects to see in 2024.

“We’ve created an advanced manufacturing environment unlike anything in the trailer industry,” said Yeagy.

In other news, California has now replaced 50 per cent of its diesel fuel with clean alternatives, a milestone in the state’s quest to move away from polluting fuel sources.

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