Schmitz Cargobull joins truck and trailer data project

schmitz telematics

With the goal of further developing digital communication between trucks and trailers, Schmitz Cargobull is joining forces with RIO, a cloud-based logistics platform.

The partnership enables Schmitz Cargobull to forward its trailer data to the RIO portal and import truck telematics data via a connection to the TrailerConnect Data Management Center.

“Our partnership enables transportation companies to access a comprehensive set of truck and trailer data in real time and in one place,” said Cargobull Telematics Head of Product Management Telematics, Matthias Cordes.

“This makes it easier for dispatchers to schedule tours and for fleet managers to better coordinate service calls.”

The process allows fleet managers to view truck and trailer telematics data in one place on the TrailerConnect portal, aiding with dispatching, route optimisation and managing schedules, as well as improving overall fleet efficiency and reducing operating costs. Combined telematics data also offers advantages in truck and trailer maintenance management with its real-time alerts allowing for scheduled repair and maintenance work and reducd breakdowns.

An added benefit is when a customer uses a third-party system. It is possible to securely transfer the data to third-party systems such as Transport Management Systems or Real Time Visibility Platforms via the TrailerConnect Data Management Center (DMC), which is integrated into the TrailerConnect portal.

In other news, CEVA Logistics has announced it will acquire 96 per cent of Mumbai-based Stellar Value Chain Solutions.

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