Full truckload network to launch


In an effort to solve ongoing problems in the forwarding and logistics industry, a new partnership is hoping a network for full truckloads will ease some of the burden.

The European Cargo Association of International Freight Forwarders (ELVIS) and German software developer, MANSIO, are joining forces to create a network that will see meeting points set up for the exchange of semi-trailers halfway through their journey.

The goal of the initiative, called ELVIS Cross Load Network, is to optimise transport business by avoiding empty runs, saving time and money, dealing with driver shortages and offering sustainability advantages.

MANSIO will take care of the technology and software required to organise the cross-country meeting hubs, the first of which will be in Knüllwald, Germany.

“The participating haulage companies drive their trucks to the exchange point in Knüllwald, where they hand over the trailers to other haulage companies and transport them back to the respective region of origin,” said ELVIS CEO, Jochen Eschborn.

“We are making an important contribution to making the job of truck driver more attractive and counteracting the acute shortage of drivers. Last but not least, we are even reducing the need for parking spaces on the motorway.”

In other news, the findings of the latest research into the impact of wide tyres have been released.


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