Intertrans expands trailer fleet with Wielton

Belgian transport and logistics company, Intertrans, has taken delivery of 40 semi-trailers from Wielton to bring its combined total to 70 units.

The Curtain Master Universal semi-trailers have proven to be consistently popular with customers, according to the OEM, adding that they are characterised by durability and strength. This is due, in part, to its use of a special support structure responsible for strengthening the front and rear side edges and crossbars.

Other benefits include a floor sheathing rated for 7.5 or 9.0 tonnes and, depending on the customer’s needs, the Roll Stop system.

“Thanks to its versatility and reinforced construction, Curtain Master can transport various types of loads,” Wielton Fleet Sales Director, Ireneusz Golec.

“Like Wielton, Intertrans is a company focused on improving its qualifications and developing a range of services in such a way as to implement contracts comprehensively and at the highest level.

“We are proud that customers come back for our vehicles and they appreciate them.”

As for Intertrans, the company said it has come to trust the reliability of these semi-trailers, having used them daily for a number of years.

“The solid construction and rich equipment standard of the Curtain Master enable us to provide services at a high level, which is why we are happy to come back for them,” said Intertrans Managing Director, Dawid Maciejewski.

“Currently, the vast majority of Intertrans’ semi-trailers come from Wielton.”

Earlier this year, Wielton partnered with PNO.

Learn more about the integrated power of Wielton Group here.



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