Krone launches new tyre generation

Krone’s next generation tyre, Krone Trusted Tyre Comfort (KT231), will reportedly provide its customers a safer and more durable offering.

Due to be launched this northern summer, the tyre which has 5 t load capacity, features a robust base, a reinforced carcass and a widened tread.

“Our new KT231 trailer tyre is a guarantee for durability, quality and joint success,” said Krone Managing Director, Ralf Faust.

“With this new tyre technology, we can now offer our customers throughout Europe an even more economical and safer solution for their trailer tyres.”

The KT231, characterised by short braking distances and a long service life, is considered suitable for regional and long-distance traffic. The snowflake symbol on the tyres indicate the high performance potential, even under wintry conditions, a common occurrence in  Central and Northern Europe.

The tyres’ tread depth of 18 mm ensures that the performance characteristics are maintained at a high level throughout the entire service life and offers a cost advantage of up to 35 per cent.

In other news, cargo-partner has begun offering a new transport option in response to increased demand in China.

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