Better and brighter: Lucidity

Lucidity Group, a global lighting and wire harness design and manufacturing group, provides a total solution for commercial vehicles.
Lucidity Group headquarters.

Since strategically acquiring Optronics International in 2012, the third largest commercial vehicle lighting brand in the US, Lucidity Group has established bases in North America, Europe, and Australia.

With excellent local service, outstanding research and development technologies, and management capabilities, Lucidity Group has been in business for 43 years and is about to open a new automated warehouse and production base at its headquarters this year. The total factory area will reach 109,033 square metres, creating a more significant space to offer better services for customers.

Local production, global delivery
In addition to providing total lighting and wiring solutions, Lucidity Group also established a subsidiary in Australia in 2012, providing professional wiring design and production services, becoming a leading brand in the region. In 2016, Lucidity Group established a subsidiary in Czechia, providing JIT services to European customers. Lucidity s.r.o. can provide a one-stop solution for time-saving.

By focusing on a specific area, you start building awareness of your products and services in the market closest to you. In 2020, it acquired USA Harness, a professional wiring brand in North America, with the goal of providing the most integral and agile solutions for customers worldwide.

Lucidity’s main services and advantages
Lucidity Group is committed to meeting customer needs and creating a better future for the transportation industry. The company invests 5.0 per cent of its annual revenue in innovative research and development capabilities every year and provides one-stop customised services from design to production for both lighting and wiring.

“Lucidity values every customer’s vision,” said Jerry Huang, VP of Sales and Marketing at Lucidity Group. “We have an in-house research and development team and environmental testing laboratory that can provide design support and verification capabilities that other brands cannot provide, helping customers quickly develop products for the market.”

Lucidity Group has not only passed IATF16949 certification but also has various laboratory tests for waterproofing, dustproofing, thermal shock, vibration friction, EMI, etc. The company can overcome various verifications in the development stage, ensuring product quality.

Better, brighter and faster
Lucidity Group’s mission is to help customers achieve their goals and grow together with them. Founder Wayne Huang saw the advantages of LED light sources’ energy-saving and high-brightness lighting in the commercial vehicle lighting market in 2001, actively developing LED lighting products, bringing unprecedented success to customers in the market.

In 2009, the company began to introduce SMT production lines, automated robot dispensing production lines in 2012, and fully automated production lines with robotic arms in 2016. This year, the company is introducing an automated storage and retrieval system, making production more efficient, achieving the goal of providing customers with better, brighter, and faster solutions.

“Small things make a big difference,” said Lucidity Group Chairman, Wayne Huang.

Only by doing every detail well can we achieve outstanding achievements. Introducing various automation equipment not only reduces heavy workloads and human errors but also improves employees’ sense of happiness. Handing repetitive and laborious work to robotic arms can alleviate the burden of overwork on personnel and enable them to handle more important work duties that require human management.

So far, the proportion of automation working hours in annual production capacity has reached 40 per cent. In 2023, Lucidity Group introduced Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) and activated an automated storage and retrieval system. The automated warehouse system has up to 4,352 storage spaces, which can accommodate approximately five World Cup football fields. This system will reduce order throughput times and improve delivery capacity.

Corporate social responsibility
Undoubtedly, ‘net-zero carbon emissions’ is a trending keyword worldwide, thus, the ongoing construction of Lucidity’s third phase building also includes plans to invest in solar power installations, actively promoting the development of renewable energy. Renewable energy accounts for an average of 30 per cent of the company’s total electricity consumption over the past five years.

Lucidity Group considers its employees as the most important core asset. In order to provide a safe and harmonious high-quality work environment for employees, it obtained ISO 45001 certification in 2020.

Through internal and external audits conducted annually, it regularly conducted risk identification operations, reviewed hazards in operations and established a sequence of risk controls. This lead to policy updates, improved personnel awareness, enhanced prevention management and substantial improvements in implementation.

Lucidity also actively promotes communication between labor and management, enabling employees to form a consensus on workplace safety, health, and wellbeing, shaping a sustainable work environment that is comfortable, safe and healthy.

Upcoming future
The opening of the automated warehouse and production base at its headquarters in September 2023 is undoubtedly a significant milestone for the Lucidity Group.

“We can’t wait to present the new image of Lucidity Group to our customers,” said Morris Liu, Director of Sales and Marketing at Lucidity Group.

Since its establishment in 1981 as a small factory with only 10 employees, Lucidity Group has grown into an international group with six major global locations. The unchanged initial intention is to work hard to light up the world.

On the road ahead, Lucidity Group will continue to invest in enhancing our internal capabilities, improving the competitiveness of the group, and integrating external resources to amplify the speed of our one-stop global service.

The company is committed to assisting customers and partners in accessing more marketing resources to create even greater success in their business endeavours. Lucidity Group’s professional global partners are your reliable support, dedicating to offer services with clarity and high-efficiency, they are always willing to provide problem-solving solutions and work with you to build a bright and innovative future.

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