Schwarz Haulage places bulk trailer order with Kögel

Schwarz Haulage.

Schwarz Haulage is taking delivery of 40 trailers featuring volume-optimised bodies from Kögel to improve operational efficiency.

The order includes 40 EuroTrailers (type 1 long trucks) as well as six Kögel Mega units.

Schwarz Haulage Managing Director, Hans-Günther Schwarz, told the OEM he appreciates the high quality of the Kögel trailers as well as the good price-performance ratio.

The long-established Schwarz haulage company from Herbrechtingen in Baden-Württemberg primarily transports large-volume loads such as white goods.

In order to keep the carbon footprint of its transportation as low as possible, the company uses the volume-optimised Kögel EuroTrailer with mega body and three-metre clear interior height as well as lifting roof.

The semi-trailer, which has been extended by 1.38 metres (long truck type 1), offers up to 111 cubic metres of usable volume – which is around 10 per cent more than conventional Mega-Trailers – or four additional Euro-pallet spaces.

“It is in our interest to transport as much goods as possible in one vehicle,” said Schwarz.

“That’s why we only use volume-optimised transport solutions. The payload and volume of the EuroTrailer are ideal for white goods.

“With Kögel, quality and price-performance ratio are right.”

The fleet has just taken delivery of the first 13 EuroTrailers. It currently operates a total of 76 Kögel trailers.

“Spedition Schwarz is a transport company with a long tradition,” Kögel said in a statement.

“The roots of the family-run company go back to the end of the 19th century. At that time, Georg Stängle’s horse-drawn transport company offered local transportation.

“From this business, Spedition Schwarz grew in 1936. Today, the company’s headquarters are located in Herbrechtingen in the district of Heidenheim on an area of 70,000 square meters. In addition to administration and dispatching, the site also houses storage areas and a workshop. Schwarz is mainly active in Germany, but also in Switzerland and Austria. With its sister companies Schwarz Logistik, Spedition Schwarz in Münster (Hesse) and Kareka in Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic), Schwarz serves other markets on the continent.”

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