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Elyplan & Elycold: Brianza Plastica’s light grp laminates, the perfect choice for temperature-controlled vehicles.
Brianza Plastica.

Nowadays, the refrigerated transportation industry is expanding at a very fast rate, due to the escalation of globalisation, that has led to the growth of trades across the globe.

In fact, according to research findings, the demand of perishable goods, which require steady temperatures, has risen and, above all, one fourth of the total global production of goods and services are exported worldwide. It is for this reason, that temperature-controlled vehicles are becoming indispensable for preventing the deterioration – and the consequent loss of value – of products that need to be exported every day.

In this specific field, Brianza Plastica, an Italian company with more than 60 years of experience in the fibreglass laminates’ sector, is highly competitive and can satisfy the various requests of this flourishing market. In particular, its Elyplan and Elycold Extra-Glass and Elycold Lite grp laminates are ideal for the realisation of interior and exterior walls, panels, and doors of temperature-controlled vehicles.

The grp laminates, which belong to the Elyplan family, come in rolls and sheets and their thickness varies from 0.8 to 3 mm, while length is on clients’ requests. The peculiarity of these grp laminates is that they are manufactured by continuous hot lamination process. In this way, the highest possible polymerisation of the composite material is achieved, and the result is a high-quality and perfectly flat product at a competitive price. The quality of Elyplan’s laminates is ensured by the use of the finest raw materials, moreover they can be covered by a layer of gelcoat made of isophthalic resins, that makes the product very resistant to yellowing and impermeable to water vapour and condensation.

But why is Elyplan Extra-Glass one of the most suitable and preferred grp laminate for industrial and commercial vehicles? For sure, because it has special and sought-after characteristics such as lightness and high mechanical strength. Thanks to these peculiarities, Elyplan Extra-Glass is widely used for all those vehicles that require high impact resistance and weight savings. In the last few years, lightness of vehicles is a matter that has becoming crucial from the economic and environmental point of view: in fact, lighter the vehicle, fewer the consumption of petrol, the expenses and, consequently, the emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Elyplan Extra-Glass is light, meets high aesthetics’ criteria and it is available in the NO BAC version too. The NO BAC technology can be applied on all the Elyplan and Elycold grp laminates with gelcoat protection and it allows to almost eliminate all the traces of bacteria on the laminate and to prevent their colonisation; something that can be very useful in fields of applications with high hygiene requirements such as schools, kindergartens, health facilities, kitchens, bathrooms, spas, gyms, and shopping centres.

The other Brianza Plastica’s range of grp flat laminates is named Elycold. Unlike the Elyplan products, the Elycold ones are produced by a discontinuous cold lamination process and the main advantage is that, thanks to the polymerisation of the material, the fibreglass in the final product is nearly invisible.

All the Elycold flat laminates are a combination of polyester resin and glass fibre, a composite material that has replaced aluminium over the years, above all in the production of refrigeration panels for commercial vehicles, caravans, and motorhomes. In addition, thanks to the use of the finest raw materials, Brianza Plastica is able to provide manufacturers with perfectly flat grp laminates that show excellent long-term properties, such as total impermeability to water and condensation, resistance to UV rays and extreme durability. In addition, all the grp laminates from the Elycold family can be produced with or without a layer of gelcoat, useful for protection and available in the glossy or satin surface.

From the Elycold range, Elycold Lite is the perfect solution for those applications such as ultralight vans or commercial vehicles that requires lightness and good rigidity. In particular, these laminates are produced using resins and specific microspheres which allow increased thickness, without adding extra weight.

For this reason, these panels present lower density, but greater rigidity, maintaining unaltered the usual performances of Brianza Plastica’s grp laminates: it is indeed available with gelcoat protection resistant to UV rays and to chemical agents and it has good mechanical performance, suitable for different uses. Another laminate from the Elycold family that is worth to be mentioned and it is for sure suitable for the commercial vehicles’ sector is the new Elycold Extra-Glass.

It comes in rolls and sheets with gelcoat, and it has increased mechanical performances. Elycold Extra-Glass is characterised by lightness, given by low specific weight and high mechanical strength, coming from the high percentage of glass content. In this way, all the vehicles which require high impact resistance, weight saving and high aesthetic features can satisfy all these needs using Elycold Extra-Glass.

In conclusion, Brianza Plastica is one of the company leaders in Europe in the production of grp laminates and, with its Elycold and Elyplan range, it offers high quality, light and perfectly flat panels, which are suitable for various applications, including commercial and industrial vehicles that require controlled climates for the transportation of goods and items that cannot be exposed to sharply changes in the temperatures.

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