From carriages to semi-trailers – BPW anniversary

BPW trailer axle production in Wiehl.

BPW is celebrating 125 years by looking back on its rich history that began in a blacksmith’s forge in Wiehl, Germany, with just 12 employees.

Today, trailer axles and running gear systems from BPW are used in millions of vehicles and the company employees 7000 employees worldwide.

“The invention of a self-lubricating carriage axle in the company’s early years gave BPW vehicle operators more economy per mile by eliminating the need for time-consuming and cost-intensive lubrication,” said BPW Director, Achim Kotz.

“This is an early example of our commitment to the needs of vehicle operators, which we still express today with our mobility partnership.”

Earlier this year, BPW discussed the future of AI in transport as well as its mobility partnerships.

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