Schmitz Cargobull delivers electric reefer to Finland

Kai Mäkinen, Jani Närhi, Minna Lindeqvist and Felix Müller.

Finland’s PNO Rental has received its first fully electric refrigerated semi-trailer, taking possession of Schmitz Cargobull’s S.KOe COOL.

This acquisition is the first series-produced, all-electric Schimitz Cargobull semi-trailer to be used in Scandinavia and follows recent deliveries made in both Romania and Germany.

“PNO is one of the main players in Finland when it comes to sustainable transport,” said PNO Key Account Manager, Kai Mäkinen.  “The all-electric reefer is part of a long-term sustainability strategy.”

The vehicle will be used in the Helsinki metropolitan area for inner-city distribution transport to local grocery stores. The trailer is paired with an electric Volvo prime mover, making it a 100 per cent electric vehicle combination.

The emission free, all-electric S.KOe COOL semi-trailer has an all-electric refrigeration unit with integrated power electronics, a high-voltage battery and an axle generator. It is also quiet, allowing for urban deliveries in the early morning and the late evening.

Schmitz Cargobull recently achieved type approval for its full-electric refrigerated semi-trailer, S.KOe COOL, with generator axle.

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