New international trucking routes opens

CEVA Logistics TIR trucking.

CEVA Logistics has launched a new International Road Transport Route (TIR) along the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan corridor, opening new trade connections in China and central Asia.

The opening of the new route is expected to boost trade growth among the three countries and deliver benefits across the region, the company said.

“CEVA will continue to optimise ground and rail product portfolios to open direct routes while strengthening intermodal capabilities,” said CEVA Logistics Managing Director – Greater China, Joanna Zhu.

“We will develop more trade lanes from China to the west and enhance trade resilience along the corridor.”

In addition to the TIR solution, CEVA continues to explore and strengthen its multimodal solutions and open new direct routes as infrastructure in the region develops.

Current plans expect the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Railway to be completed in 2025 and will make it the shortest freight route from China to the Middle East and Europe. The railway is expected to span more than 500 kilometres—more than 200 in China, 250 in Kyrgyzstan and the final 50 kilometres in Uzbekistan.

In other news, CEVA Logistics is expected to expand its Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet to 1,450 units over the next three years.

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