Goch Summerfest 2023 highlights: Kässbohrer

Dr Rüdiger Ostrowski is presented with a plaque from Kässbohrer.

Kässbohrer proudly hosted its business partners, associates and stakeholders last week at its headquarters in Goch, Germany.

Summerfest, held 23-24 June 2023, is an annual tradition which debuted in 2015.

In an informal setting the Kässbohrer team conducted a tour of the Goch facility and the expanded spare parts depot.

The spare parts facility, refurbished and upgraded in 2019, operates in a 2,160 square metre area housing 156,000 spare parts, offering fast-moving 95 per cent in-stock spare parts availability and dispatch within 24 hours, including original parts sourced through the systems and from leading suppliers.

Kässbohrer’s spare parts team takes care of every request personally, at the same time using the comprehensive Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) since 2009.

At Summerfest, 28 vehicles from a range of transportation sectors including intermodal, Dangerous Goods (DG), dry bulk, cold chain, general cargo and construction were presented to the guests.

Kässbohrer presented four vehicles that serve the construction sector in the 2023 Summerfest respectively; 24-cubic-metre aluminium tipper, three-axle low loader with 325mm loading height, four-axle extendable low bed exhibited with both self and hydraulic steering. Lastly, a three-axle jumbo low bed with wheel recesses was on show which is perfect for extreme high equipment transportation with 375mm loading height on wheel recesses.

For bulk and liquid goods, Kässbohrer’s lightest in Europe vehicles with special attention to safety were presented including a fuel oil tanker STB E, bitumen tanker STS, waste tanker STN, tipping silo SSK 90 and non-tipping silo SSL 35.

In alignment with EU carbon law, 75 per cent of inland freight carried today by road should shift onto rail and inland waterways, therefore Kässbohrer keeps developing its unrivalled intermodal product range and presented the innovation award winner coil swap body K.SWAU CC 45, container chassis K.SHG AVH and innovation award winner K.SHG AVMH at the Summerfest.

Unique in its competence to meet the needs of all transport sectors, Kässbohrer is equally competent in meeting the unique transition needs of its customers with its developments in longer heavier vehicle as well as electrification development.

At Summerfest, participants had the opportunity to examine the range of longer and heavier vehicles Kässbohrer has developed.

Kässbohrer presented its mega curtainsider long heavy vehicle combination with code XLS K.SCS M DE and DOL XS 18 (Super Eco Combi).

This special combination, Super Eco Combi aims at less CO2 emissions and for more sustainability in general cargo sector. Includes Mega+Dolly+Mega trailers and have 32.5m length, with Käsbohrer application of dynamic wheelbase enabling the vehicle to turn safely within existing infrastructure.

Ambro Smit, Secretary Exceptional Transport – Transport & Logistiek, joined Summerfest and informed attendees about the developments on Super Eco Combi vehicles.

Supporting the lower carbon transition of the cold chain sector, Kässbohrer electrified its reefer K.SRI with BPW e-power axle in combination with Thermo King refrigeration unit.

Already efficient K.SRI F with multi-temperature transport enabling partition wall and double deck option for 66 europallet capacity, presenting integrated load security rails to provide optimum load security and EN 12642 Code XL is augmented with BPW e-power axle recovered energy powering the Thermo King cooling unit.

Kässbohrer advances the sustainability of cold chain with electrified cooling e-reefer reducing carbon footprint by saving on fuel. Kässbohrer e-reefer also reduces maintenance costs providing operational efficiency.

Appreciation of Long Term Partnerships Towards The Next 125 Years
Speaking during the Summerfest 2023, Kässbohrer’s Executive Board Member for Business Development, İffet Türken, said: “We are very proud today to be here among our partners. When we emphasise ‘Together to the Next 125 Years’ we emphasise the power of collective action to address our customers and our industries challenges.

“In Goch, Kässbohrer always had the most trustful working relationship with VSL- NRW, (The German Association for Transport and Logistics – North Rhine Westphalia – Verband Spedition und Logistik Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.) Stadt Goch, and BBZ-Kleve.

“We thank them for their trust and partnership over the years.”

At the end of Summerfest 2023, Türken presented Dr Rüdiger Ostrowski from VSL-NRW and members of Stadt Goch a plaque to commemorate a milestone in their cooperation for a bright and successful future together.

Türken also presented a plaque to Kässbohrer’s long time esteemed sales partner in Goch, KTH-Trailer GmbH, for diligently serving Kässbohrer customers since the beginning of operations at the Goch facility.

In other news, Hämmerle Spezialtransporte – a fleet headquartered in Hard, Austria – has invested in Kässbohrer trailers.

Kässbohrer celebrates collaboration with KTH-Trailer.
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