Hämmerle turns to Kässbohrer

Hämmerle Spezialtransporte.

Hämmerle Spezialtransporte – a fleet headquartered in Hard, Austria – has invested in Kässbohrer trailers.

Hämmerle Spezialtransporte, which operates in the construction industry, has taken delivery of the K.SPA M.

This purchase bolsters a fleet mix of 20 trucks and 45 trailers that are used to transport bridge structures, crane systems, precast concrete projects, laminated wood beam structures, furnished room boxes for hotel facilities, laser and CNC machines and more around Europe.

Hämmerle deploys heavy duty vehicles including low beds, low loaders and HD platforms.

Reinhard Hämmerle, General Manager of Hämmerle Spezialtransporte and Faruk Karakılıç, Area Sales Manager for Kässbohrer, were present for the delivery ceremony at the Kässbohrer ULM Production Facility.

Reinhard Hämmerle, General Manager of Hämmerle Spezialtransporte, said: “We are excited to establish with Kässbohrer and integrate the Kässbohrer K.SPA M into our fleet. Offering a complete solution for the transfer of various large loads, K.SPA M presents one of the best examples of heavy-duty engineering.

“The K.SPA M’s extendable chassis and sliding platform features will greatly enhance our operational flexibility, allowing us to efficiently transport even the most challenging loads across Europe.

“Hämmerle Spezialtransporte is aware of Kässbohrer’s wide product range and quality, especially in the standard vehicle segment. Kässbohrer provides its customers with the advantage of robust, lightweight, ease and speed in their operational work with its products specially developed for heavy transport and compatible with tough road conditions.

“We are prepared to establish a long-term partnership with Kässbohrer, and this investment is the first step in that direction. We strengthened our fleet with Kässbohrer vehicles and established a successful business partnership, we believe that our successful co-operation with Kässbohrer will continue in the coming years.”

Karakılıç also delivered a statement and provided details about the K.SPA M vehicle.

“As Kässbohrer, we are happy to offer vehicles that provides flexible and safe transportation solutions for heavy, long, flat and ballast loads thanks to its extendable, strong and flat chassis, variable container positioning combinations and different load safety options such as Code XL certified front panel which is resistant up to 22,5 ton longitudinal loads,” he said.

“Hämmerle Spezialtransporte choice Kässbohrer K.SPA M, an extendable heavy duty platform developed by Kässbohrer in three- and four-axle versions, is available in different height options that can be coupled with mega and standard trucks.

“We will continue our innovative approach to meet the needs of our customers, and we believe our partnership with Hämmerle Spezialtransporte will continue for many years.”

In other news, Toll Group has opened a new freight forwarding branch in Changsha, China.

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