EuroSpeed invests in EcoGeneration sustainable transport


Bulgarian haulage firm, EuroSpeed, is achieving great success with its S.SCS EcoFlex curtainsider from Schmitz Cargobull.

The trailer features an adjustable rear and Power Curtain tarp and has reportedly saved the fleet fuel and cut emissions. It also allows for easier driver handling and has the flexibility to raise the bar when the entire load volume of the vehicle is needed.

“We are enthusiastic about the concept of the aerodynamic EcoGeneration and especially about the universal applicability of the EcoFLEX,” said EuroSpeed CEO, Nickolay Rashkov.

“The greatest advantages are seen on long routes without obstacles, such as motorways with moderate to light traffic. Because we will mainly drive in eco-mode, we can reduce fuel and CO2 accordingly.

“In addition to that, our wishes about an efficient anti-theft system were implemented accordingly by the experts at Schmitz Cargobull. The solution was so good that we, as trendsetters, contributed to it now being adopted in series production.”

EuroSpeed is a Bulgarian transport company that is increasingly active in long-distance transport. The company started in 1991 as a logistics partner for Bulgaria’s largest wine exporter at the time.

EuroSpeed transported containers from central Bulgaria to the port of Thessaloniki in Greece. In the late 1990s, direct deliveries were also made to the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Current services include just-in-time collection, storage and fast and smooth delivery of shipments. The experienced EuroSpeed team, with more than 400 employees, is one of the most successful transport companies in Bulgaria. Currently, more than 250 vehicles are in operation in domestic traffic and to international destinations for complete, partial and groupage consignments. The result is successful transport solutions from which EuroSpeed’s customers also benefit.

The aerodynamic curtainsider S.CS EcoFLEX features a liftable rear which reduces air resistance, cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the process. In practical use, savings of well over five percent were achieved with the vehicle. The flexibly adjustable rear end also makes it easy to raise the trailer when the cargo space is needed in its entirety. With the Power Curtain tarp, the certified body strength according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL, the beverage certificate and the Daimler certificate is achieved by means of aramid belts and steel wire integrated in the tarpaulin, even without extension slats.

In other news, transport and logistics company, Qube, has trialled a double stacked container trailer for the first time on public roads in Australia.


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