Spanish strongman attempts world record with Guillén Duo Trailer

Juan Ferrer.

A trailer combination from Spain-based company, Guillén, provided the perfect prop for a Guinness World Record setting attempt during a bodybuilding contest.

Pulling the longest European truck, Juan Ferrer set a new record at an event in Torrevieja, Spain, this past month.

The high-volume combination used was the Duo Trailer from Guillén, part of the Wielton Group, which was a set comprising a sliding curtain-sided trailer, equipped with a folding bumper and a heavy-duty hitch.

It had a length of 31.75 metres, a permissible payload of up to 72 tonnes and a weight of about 16 tonnes. The combined weight of the Duo Trailer and head truck was 23.7 tonnes.

The Duo Trailer is reported to provide a 25 to 30 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions, a reduction in freight costs and traffic relief because of the number of trips it can reduce.

The Wielton Group has long focused on producing vehicles and solutions that generate fuel savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

The vehicle had to be dragged a minimum of 20 metres, and although seemingly successful, Ferrer still has to wait for an official confirmation of the record from Guinness World Records.

In other news, Poland-based OEM, Wielton, has agreed to deliver 30 curtainsiders to equipment rental firm, PNO.

A Guillén Duo Trailer.
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