Intelligent production

Fuwa continues focus on intelligent manufacturing and high-quality braking technology development.

In 2019, Fuwa invested about 0.3 billion euros to establish an intelligent and state-of-the-art production line for trailer axles, including the use of robotic arms, automatic equipment, and advanced facilities, and laid a solid foundation for the top value of quality-oriented development.

This innovative step of digital transformation marks a significant breakthrough in both product quality and production efficiency. Following the ambitious target of high-quality development, Fuwa continues its leading role in and explores the field of intelligent manufacturing in further ways.

After three years of effort and preparation, the intelligent manufacturing workshop for brake pads was officially launched in October of 2022, with an overall investment of 14 million euros and the annual production capacity of more than 12 million pieces. Currently, it is the largest production workshop of trailer brake pads in China.
The intelligent production line is a computer-operated system that links up different processes. It’s equipped with a main computer that offers real-time monitoring and execution of tasks, as instructed by the center control of the entire operation.

The intelligent production line links different processing through a sophisticated and interconnected computer system. With network-based supervision and real-time operation, each production line is equipped with at least one screen, and each procedure is implemented by computer instructions, to make sure the precise and trackable process, ranging from transporting, storing, measuring, and mixing, to packaging. The whole process only takes about five minutes.

As an integrated part of the high-tech research and development system, Fuwa’s friction materials laboratory, covering an area of over 800 m2, is specially established and owns more than 60 kinds of testing equipment, including three 1:1 brake dynamometer stations.

The environmental advantages of FUWA brake lining
The Fuwa-manufactured brake pad applies its specially patented ingredients and processing method, which makes it a premier and eco-friendly product. It does not include asbestos, harmful metals, or any hazardous substances. The unparalleled friction properties allow for efficient braking while remaining silent and withstanding wear longer than competitor products. This FUWA product achieves a remarkable price quality in terms of the lifecycles of brake pad and brake drum.

With its friction performance and stable, efficient braking ability, this brake pad is quiet, has excellent wear resistance and no corrosion of the brake drum, resulting in an extended useful life.

VALX teases new product
The Valx 17.5” drum brake axle will soon enter the market.

Customer satisfaction is always what Valx values and appreciates. In response to diversified market needs, VALX always responds quickly to potential business opportunities and makes customised plans for axle product improvement.

Therefore, the project of the 17.5” drum brake axle was initially designed and launched in 2021. After having strict limit testing for exceptional performance, this type of Valx axle will become the new addition to the family of drum brake axles within the upcoming few months. In the IAA 2022, Valx showcased this new dimensioned axle for the first time, and it attracted numerous visitors, customers and business partners to preview its first impression to the world.

The 17.5” drum brake axle has a smaller wheel size, with brake dimensions of 300*200mm and an axle load of 11 tonnes, which provides a greater range of use for different trailers. With regards to the axle beam, it is applied with the premium e-coating and powder coating process, which enables the remarkably corrosion-resistant and durable hub and brake drum. This axle is ideal for those who are looking for a smaller wheel size option with the same braking power as a larger axle.

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