Devanning service gives Dimerco SF better control

Dimerco’s San Francisco operation has set up an in-house devanning service in its bonded warehouse, with the goal of speeding up deliveries by three to five days.

Dimerco San Francisco said it can shorten its pick-up time by targeting the earliest available appointment and the load can then be devanned on the same day.

Without the need to secure third party devanning and having its own bonded warehouse ensures Dimerco has more control over shipments and, in this case, a smoother distribution to the consignee in Northern California, as well as the multimodal transport to inland states.

“Gearing up to provide a full service puts us in the position to manage and control the whole delivery process and accommodate customers’ urgent or specialised requests, further enhancing our credentials as seasoned professionals in the seamless handling of large and heavy consignment,” the company said in a statement.

Established in 1971 in Taiwan, Dimerco’s global network includes over 300 service outlets in 64 countries. The name ‘Dimerco’ is an abbreviation for diversified merchandise corporation.

In other news, US retail corporation, Walmart, is committed to rapid online delivery and pickup.

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