Standing the test of time: TMT

TMT Tanks & Trailers specialises in innovative product design for a range of clients and applications. In recent times, the Italian OEM has developed an electric axle moving floor semi-trailer, container moving floor and is working on a steel semi-trailer.

From a 75,000-square-metre facility in the centre of Italy, TMT Tanks & Trailers has capacity to build about 300 trailers per annum and is rapidly growing. The business has also bolstered its aftersales support with a network of workshops and sales personnel who are poised to serve quickly and efficiently.

TMT predominantly services large European companies and is focused on increasing production and attracting new customers abroad with its innovative road transport equipment technologies.

“The Italian market is an established market and we now want to grow in the same way in Europe,” said Alfredo Spinozzi, CEO at TMT International. “The most complex step will be to become a major player outside Europe as well. We already sell in Australia and have developed an optimal kit to distribute our semi-trailers worldwide.”

TMT is particularly ineterested in expanding in the US and United Arab Emirates with the aim of increasing the value of ‘Made in Italy’ around the world.

At this year’s Transport Logistic event in Munich, Germany, TMT Tanks & Trailers showcased its ongoing development of intermodal solutions.

The OEM is proud to be the first Italian company to win a Trailer Innovation award in the ‘body’ category.

The high cube and open top pallet Container Moving Floor trailer is a unique design and one of of TMT’s flagship products.

TMT has also produced an e-axle moving floor trailer.

“The aim of the product is to charge and discharge the moving-floor trailer via a battery connected to the axle,” said Spinozzi. “The axle will charge both when braking and in motion and is designed to give maximum utility to the driver. We are currently testing our prototype which you can see at the trade fairs we are attending. We are currently working on the battery part to lighten the weight and to have maximum performance for loading and unloading goods. The main idea was to create an autonomous semi-trailer that could also perform while uncoupled from the truck.”

Product portfolio

TMT CONCHIGLIA is a multifunctional and efficient Moving Floor semi-trailer. Its self-supporting frame is made of Strenx 700 steel, which guarantees robustness but at the same time lightness. It is a flexible vehicle suitable for almost all general cargo transports, from parcels to bulk materials with its load capacity of 92m3 and an internal usable length of 13,400mm. This model can be equipped with 6,300mm side doors, both left and right. From these openings, it is possible to load all types of panels, boxes, profiles and palletised material as well as bulk material in maximum certified safety.

TMT SCRIGNO features full-opening doors and sliding column with a clear advantage: high flexibility for the most diverse return loads, reduces the empty running rate and increases profitability.
With a side loading width of the box semitrailer of 12,300mm and a continuous loading height from 2,540mm, long items can be stored without any problems. When opened individually, the folding doors allow partial unloading. Load securing is also optimised thanks to the DIN EN 12642 approval (code XL). As a result, almost all general cargo transports are covered safely and efficiently.

TMT LEAKPROOF retains all liquid waste hermetically, being totally watertight. Thanks to pre-delivery tests, we can guarantee that 20,000 litres of water are perfectly sealed.

The 45’ High Cube TMT CONTAINER MF features an opening roof and automatic unloading moving floor technology. 45’ steel container; moving floor for road – sea – rail transport. Tare weight, thanks to the use of ultra-high strength steels, up to 7,100kg. The containers, guaranteed against corrosion for five years and able to work from -40° to + 80°, have been tested according to the stringent US standards for road – sea – rail transport.

The EcoFuturo scientific committee awarded TMT International, among more than 1,000 companies, for the technological innovation of its moving-floor container at the 2019 Ecomondo annual trade fair in Rimini. TMT Container Moving Floor also won Trailer Innovation Award 2023 ‘Body’ Category.

TMT INTERMODAL MF is a specific semi-trailer designed for road-sea-rail travel. This is why it meets the standards of the transport white paper for journeys over 300km.

TMT believes in the values of environmental sustainability also with the products that are manufactured every year in the factory. Intermodal is an environmentally sustainable form of transport that needs to be further developed for the future.

White certificates for energy efficiency can be applied for using these vehicles. White certificates are negotiable securities certifying the achievement of savings in energy end-use through energy efficiency measures and projects. One certificate is equivalent to saving one tonne of oil equivalent (TOE).

TMT CONTAINER CHASSIS is a special customised chassis, equipped with a wooden or skeleton floor, with corner blocks for transporting containers.

The container carrier has various approvals: ADR, AT, FL, OX, EXII, EXIII. The tare weight is 6,040kg, with a length of 12,160mm and a width of 2550mm.

TMT TANK is designed, built and equipped vehicles for the transport of: fuels for civil, military and aviation use; water for civil and military use; common waste; exhausted oils.

TMT is committed to helping fleets overcome industry-related challenges.

“We live in an ever-changing world in search of sustainability,” said Del Sordo. “In Europe, we are tackling climate change with major reforms. Our products are what reflect this idea. They are intermodal, for rail, sea and road. They are zero impact on the environment despite the technology. They support the practices of transport companies that use green practices. These for us are the challenges that the industries will face in the coming years, so we want to be there for them.”

Fast Fact
TMT Tank & Trailers was founded in 2014 and has been innovating ever since. In 2019, the manufacturer produced its first moving floor container trailers and has been critically acclaimed for technological innovation. Last year saw the Italian OEM develop a prototype trailer with a generator axle.

Fast Fact
For TMT Tanks & Trailers, aftersales and support is a strategic asset. The OEM said: “From the very beginning we have always reasoned in such a way that the customer has a complete and quick service because we want to ensure that the customer gets the most out of our vehicles.”

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