Yusen Logistics commits to low carbon transition

Yusen Logistics

International logistics provider, Yusen Logistics, recently launched a new hydrogen-powered transport service.

On 28 March, the Yusen Logistics Hydrogen Transport Launch Ceremony was successfully held at YL-CN Kunshan Huaqiao Logistics Centre.

During the event, Yusen Logistics showed all guests its new hydrogen fuel cell truck and the prospects of the hydrogen transportation business.

With environmental issues being one of the most urgent and critical areas at present, the launch of the truck was a crucial step in Yusen Logistics’ ESG practice.

“Yusen Logistics’ hydrogen transportation project is an important symbol of the transformation to green and low-carbon development, conforms to the development trend of high efficiency and low energy consumption and also conforms to the development requirements of high-standard economic and trade rules,” said Jin Shaojing, Director of Shanghai Huangpu District Commission of Commerce.

“In addition, it conforms to the Chinese-style modernisation, pushes the industry to move towards high-end, optimises the modern logistics system, and steadily promotes the high-quality development goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction.”

Yusen Logistics China President and CEO, Tomoo Moriya, said the project is just the beginning of the company’s sustainable development.

“In the future, Yusen Logistics will continue to promote initiatives based on long-term sustainable development prospects in line with our brand promise and we are willing to work with all partners to promote sustainable social development,” he said.

In March this year, Yusen Logistics joined the Green and Low-Carbon Development Branch of Shanghai Foreign Investment Association as a founding member.

“Carbon reduction in road transportation is the key to the low carbon transition in the transportation sector, in which carbon emissions from trucks play a pivotal role,” said Huang Feng, President of Shanghai Foreign Investment Association.

“Yusen Logistics launched its hydrogen energy transportation business in a timely manner to help logistics customers easily achieve the goal of ‘zero carbon emissions’ which is of epoch-making significance.”

In other news, the Biden administration has announced it has ramped up its national logistics program in an effort to speed up delivery times and reduce consumer costs.

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