Librelato focuses on diverse home continent partnerships

Brazil-based OEM, Librelato, is strengthening its relationship with its five dealership networks around South America.

Found in Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia, these markets, which almost all border Brazil, have approximately 100 million occupants and have varied cultures, legislation and requirements.

For Moises Silveira, Librelato’s Export Sales Consultant, this is notable when analysing the products most exported by each individual country. For example, while Paraguay and Bolivia mainly import bulk line vehicles, Uruguay and Chile focus on importing dry cargo and tippers. Meanwhile, Colombia is focused on the purchase of dry load vehicles.

Currently, Librelato is the second largest exporter of vehicles in Brazil with a 20 per cent market share.

Earlier this year, Librelato said it had exported a total of 6,000 units.

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