Dubai bling: GORICA tankers

Dubai-based OEM, GORICA Group, has a broad range of tanker and silo semi-trailers tailored for various industry applications.

The tanker and silo vehicles that GORICA Group supplies to the Middle East and African markets vary considerably depending on the specific freight task, industry and are typically made from either carbon steel, aluminium or stainless steel. The vehicles are then categorised by target industry.

“First and foremost, we supply acid tanker semi-trailers for the transportation of HCL, cement and barite bulker semi-trailers, tripod (3×700 cft) cement silo semi-trailers for oil and gas industry as well as dry cement bulk silo transporters for the construction industry,” said GORICA Group General Manager Sales & Marketing, Domen Bockor. “As for movement of perishable goods, we provide stainless steel milk tankers, stainless steel water tankers, stainless steel aluminium animal feed bulk semi-trailers, aluminium flour bulk semi-trailers, aluminium and steel grain bulk semi-trailers and aluminium and steel grain hoppers.”

For the distribution of petroleum products, GORICA manufactures steel and aluminium fuel tankers, while the waste management industry can specify vacuum tankers and other combinations.

“Aluminium fuel tankers (especially for Aramco in KSA) are among our most popular products,” said Bockor. “Aluminium feed bulkers for the growing food industry in the Middle East and Africa as well as grain bulkers in Africa are also proving to be especially popular.”

Aluminium flour bulker semi-trailer.

To meet stringent customer expectations, GORICA follows international safety standards and European design which is adapted for the Middle Eastern and African markets.

“The construction, design and other special features of our trailers depend on specific country road regulations which is not uniform like in the EU or the US,” said Bockor. “Beside that we follow ADR European standards. Being a market in leader in all these segments in the Middle East we constantly innovate and adapt our product to client/market requirements and focus on boosting productivity, maximising the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as well as provide local aftersales support.”

Of the recent trailer deliveries GORICA has organised, the OEM recently completed a bulk order of 240 grain bulkers for Africa, 30 aluminium animal feed bulkers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and 21 milk tankers.

Acid (HCL) tanker semi-trailer.

“These were all repeat orders,” said Bockor. “We are especially proud of our clients and industry partners who are loyal to GORICA solutions.”

In addition to continuous product development, GORICA is also focused on consolidating its market presence in KSA and West Africa by expanding its facilities.

As for industry trends, Bockor has observed an increase in demand for lighter-weight tanker and silo vehicles. “We have also seen a greater emphasis on TCO analysis where clients not only consider the price but also the productivity and overall performance. In our view this is the correct approach as our products and solutions are there to support and grow our partners’ businesses.”

Tripod (3×700 CFT) cement silo semi-trailer.

As always GORICA is particularly focused on providing optimal aftersales support through its own network of service companies to locally and promptly support its partners.

Fast Fact
A testament to the innovative design of its trailers, the market resale value of GORICA’s road transport equipment is reported to be exceptionally high.

Fast Fact
GORICA tankers typically feature increased shell thickness due to the operational requirements of trailers operating in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The average body builder thickness is 5mm however GORICA offers a 6.1mm external shell. This is to endure the harsh environments of the different countries the OEM supports.

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