JOST innovates lightweight, efficient tanker and silo components

The huge range of tanker and silo heavy vehicles on the road today is reflected by JOST World’s extensive product range of high quality and optimised components.

When it comes to tanker and silo vehicles, weight can be an issue according to equipment specialist, JOST World, which is why the company is focused on the delivery of weight-optimised products such as the Modul CA, an aluminium landing gear module.

Other features include a patented module drive on the inside, low maintenance due to an integrated lubricant cartridge (no need to lubricate the spindle), continuous back plate for high variability during installation, an innovative A-foot with a large contact area and long drift.

Another weight-optimised component that JOST World supplies is the JSK34 fifth wheel coupling. The 2” cast can save up to 40kg and it also has a maintenance-optimised variant with plastic top-plate liners or integrated LubeTronic 5 point automated central lubrication system filled with high performance organic grease. JOST sensor technology for improved safety is also available.

Meanwhile the DCA AIRMASTER PLUS – the first and only trailer axle that stores compressed air – is yet another popular choice for tanker and silo vehicle operators. Without the need for a compressed air tank, as it stores compressed air for the brakes and air suspension in the axle housing, this component saves more than 50kg in weight. It is tested and approved for all European markets, suitable for all torsion-free bodies, enables the implementation of new vehicle concepts, while the axles are ideal for both on- and offroad use.

The forged aluminium air bellows support, WEIGHT OPTIMISER 27, allows weight savings of about nine kilograms per axle which means 27kg per trailer.

The WEIGHT OPTIMISER 27 is designed for all common track widths on trailers, from classic curtainsiders to tankers, tippers and other vehicles. It has also passed the tough testing criteria of the DCA series for durability and extreme accidental overload to guarantee the familiar quality of this JOST product
The new DCA X7 brake has been tested and developed together with Knorr-Bremse in-line with the highest automotive standards. Structural optimisation and perfectly coordinated interplay between the brake disc and pad reduce emissions while maximising the payload and performance.

Another solution for vehicles transporting liquids is the slack-free towing hitch RO*430 – 40 mm / RO*530 – 50, which with its damping properties reduces the movements of the transported liquids to a minimum, but which also means a high level of driving comfort.

Thanks to the technically sophisticated mechanism, this towing hitch from ROCKINGER is particularly low-wear and offers maximum support in the tank and silo segment with the modular upgrade options of safety and maintenance features.

JOST World is also expanding its landing leg portfolio with the new FA027 aluminium landing leg. The aluminium drop support is particularly aimed at users of dump trucks, tankers and silo vehicles, and wherever low weight is a priority. On average, 60-80kg can be saved on each semi-trailer, which can be directly converted into paying cargo, i.e. maximum turnover on each trip. And if the extra load is not used, fuel is saved.
Weight stability is also an important consideration when it comes to unloading. Enter the Modul CS stabilising legs which provide a secure stand during the whole unloading process of liquid and bulk tippers.

Due to conflict in Ukraine it is likely that tank and silo transportation in the EU and in Germany will increase as countries import Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from other countries.

Fast Fact
The Modul CS is a rear support landing gear designed exclusively for silo vehicles. The reinforcement on the outer tube offers increased bending strength and the double lock nut further minimises the risk of accidents caused by wear. In addition, the landing gears can be moved independently of each other to compensate for unevenness in the ground and to guarantee a safe stand of the vehicle.

Fast Fact
The Modul CA, the lightest landing gear, or the FA027 aluminium drop leg, the newest member of the JOST landing leg family, are suitable for front support.

Fast Fact
In tankers and silo trucks, it is especially vital that all components are as lightweight as possible, to enable higher payloads. On the other hand, material optimisation cannot be allowed to impair quality. That is why JOST is continuously developing products for silos and tankers that reduce weight and maintenance costs.

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