TIP to launch academy

Trailer leasing and rental firm, TIP, is investing in its people to improve its service capabilities.

The company is rolling out a Sales Academy to offer development opportunities to current and new sales personnel.

The TIP Sales Academy will support a role-specific approach, ensuring each participant has access to a learning journey that intentionally builds the capabilities and skills needed to succeed in their role.

The Sales Academy, according to TIP, will support five various roles: Inside Sales, Field Sales, Strategic Account Managers, Sales Managers, and any additional customer-facing roles.

“Each learning journey will equip participants with high-impact selling skills to enable high-value, solution-based conversations with customers,” said TIP. “Some of the topics covered include: leveraging strong preparation techniques; using authentic curiosity and questioning best practices to deeply understand customer needs; sharing expertise and insight in a compelling way; articulating differentiated value and developing and expanding cross-selling opportunities. The Sales Academy will build confidence of TIP sales teams and equip managers to develop their teams and drive adoption of new behaviours in the field.”

TIP Group is reported to be partnering with Richardson, a global sales training and performance improvement group, to implement this Sales Academy.

“The nature of selling has changed, and our buyers are highly informed and operate in a more complex buying environment today,” said TIP Group Vice President Sales and Marketing, Rogier Laan.

“We have an opportunity to differentiate ourselves and TIP by engaging in customer conversations focused on value and problem-solving solutions. Participation in our Sales Academy will enable our sales organisation to enhance their selling skills to have more meaningful and productive conversations with customers.”

Earlier this year, TIP Group acquired the trailer business of EURO-Leasing in Denmark.

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