A modern approach to tippers: Wielton

The Wielton Group maintains its competitive edge in the tipper market with optimised trailer designs.

Wielton has introduced improvements to its flagship tipper models. The Bulk Master and Weight Master have been improved to increase their durability and usability. The focus, according to the OEM, was on new design solutions, modernisation of cargo boxes and increasing the quality and durability of products.

After interviewing customers and analysing technological trends, Wielton decided to introduce changes to the tippers, while maintaining their existing functionality.

Structural reinforcement on Bulk Master and Weight Master models
The new improvements introduced in the Bulk Master and Weight Master models included strengthening the load box structure by introducing a new, stiffer, thicker edge of the box and greater density of floor crossbars. For boxes with a flap to the front, the rear pillar has been changed to a narrower one, which increased the unloading light of the rear portal. The top flange gained a diagonal shape to the inside of the box, eliminating the problem of material accumulation.

In the rear edge, a thicker inner wall and profile were used with a gentler angle, thanks to which this element reduces resistance during unloading and minimises the possibility of excessive wiping. In addition, the corner of the front wall has been reinforced, a new standard of spacing of floor crossbars has been introduced and a functional ladder sliding out from under the box has been installed. A new option has also been added to the offer in the form of a single-wing flap-door in the Bulk Master model. The introduced changes contributed to increasing the durability, reliability and service life of Wielton tipper semi-trailers. The aspect of the introduced structural changes is extremely important in the Weight Master model, which is used in the transport of building materials, pallet loads, big-bags and agricultural crops. The changes introduced are also of particular importance in the Bulk Master model designed to transport agricultural products, fertilisers or biomass, and therefore often used in demanding off-road conditions.

“We continue to develop and modernise not only our factories, but also products for the comfort, safety and satisfaction of our customers,” said Wielton Product Manager, Łukasz Trzeciakiewicz.
“Further optimisations and functional changes are being introduced in our tipper semi-trailers. We are constantly increasing the competitiveness of our products, which confirms the position of the leading manufacturer of semi-trailers on Polish and European markets. We listen to the voices of the market and draw the right conclusions. Driven by experience, we are changing for the better for our customers thanks to many tailor-made products.”

Modernisation of boxes in steel and aluminium tippers
To offer its customers the highest quality products, the manufacturer from Wieluń decided to mass modernise the load boxes in its tippers. For this purpose, Wielton implemented in all HP aluminium tippers a reinforced structure of the load box floor, and a change in the profile of its stringers and crossbars. A new closing option has also been introduced – a hydraulic flap. In steel HP tippers Wielton changed the construction of the load box, introducing a bigger top edge. As a result, the beam and the chain connecting the sides were abandoned. As in aluminium tippers, in steel HP semi-trailers, a hydraulic flap has been implemented as one of the options for closing the box. Also, all Wielton tippers feature a new, universal design of the working balcony (with two options for configuring the entrance – right/left side) and the flap’s side lashings have been changed to be more functional, with the option to tighten with a wheel wrench.

Custom solutions to improve functionality
Wielton offers a number of personalised solutions, as part of its custom equipment portfolio, which significantly improve the daily use of tippers. These semi-trailers can be equipped with a fully automatic Hyva slideKAP sliding roof with a self-locking rear beam that requires no additional operations to secure the roof tarpaulin from the driver’s side. This solution significantly facilitates driver’s work and improves their security. Customers have a front wall bumper for transporting pallets and big-bags. This bumper simulates a vertical front wall and prevents goods from moving forward when driving or sudden braking. Wielton offers a QuickSilver Teflon liner that eliminates the problem of sticking and freezing bulk materials, thus ensuring faster and safer unloading. Wielton also offers a steel liner as an additional solution to support construction transport which allows loading asphalt and thicker material, minimising the risk of damage cargo box. This solution is a compromise between a lighter aluminium box, susceptible to damage and heavier steel box.

Wielton offers customers an interesting solution for agricultural transportation in the form of the vegetable hammock. The hammock is designed for loading agricultural products, especially apples, beets and potatoes, to reduce the risk of damage. Loading a tipper with a hammock is done from the front of the semi-trailer. Products that fall on a tarp suspended teo metres above the floor are cushioned by a hammock attached to one side rigidly with a chain, and a flexible expander on the other. As a result, the tarp flexes under the weight of agricultural products, which slide off and are not damaged by falling directly to the floor from a height of three meters.
Wielton customers find a solution package for transporting post-slaughter, sludge and waste. This package increases the tightness of the semi-trailer and prevents uncontrolled movement of leakage of products.

Durability and reliability of construction
Wielton is consistently ranked among the leading manufacturers of semi-trailer tippers in Poland. The high quality of the semi-trailer tippers from Wieluń are manufactured from steel or aluminium of the highest strength class, i.e. Hardox HB450, S700, or Endur-AL HB114. The frames of the tippers were made of S700 steel, which is protected against corrosion using KTL cataphoresis painting technology, guaranteeing a long life of the chassis. Wielton uses reliable components and subassemblies supplied by reputable European manufacturers.

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