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Brianza Plastica – with more than 60 years of experience in the production of fibreglass reinforced laminates in sheets and rolls – continues to invest in consolidating its presence in the commercial vehicle and tank container sectors. Thanks to an increasingly wide range of products, the company is now able to meet the most diverse needs of the market.

Brianza Plastica has 60 years of experience in the production of fibreglass sheets and rolls, four production sites in Italy, with both continuous hot-laminating and discontinuous cold-laminating procedures to meet the diverse needs of customers in a fast growing and increasingly demanding market.

A wide and complete range allows customers to choose between Elycold fibreglass laminates – high quality products that stand out for the near invisibility of the fibreglass, thanks to the cold polymerisation of the material, and for the production flexibility that allows for the production of customised products (even in small quantities).

Meanwhile, Elyplan fibreglass laminates are characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio, the possibility to produce rolls in lengths to specification, while ensuring consistent quality.

The production focuses on achieving high levels of quality, while ensuring a high degree of safety and low environmental impact.

The excellent resistance and dimensional stability, combined with lightness and easy workability, make fibreglass laminates the ideal material for constructing walls and floors of industrial, commercial, temperature-controlled and electric vehicles.
Elycold is a combination of polyester resin (orthophthalic and isophthalic) and glass fibre; over the years, this composite material has replaced aluminium in the production of refrigeration panels for commercial vehicles, campers, caravans and motorhomes, providing manufacturers with excellent long-term properties and UV protection.

Elyplan GRP laminates, produced by continuous lamination, are available in different versions, to allow customers to choose the laminate that best meets their needs.

Elyplan extra-glass biaxial.

The main advantage of continuous production is that it allows the highest possible polymerisation of the composite material, coming from the use of technologies that best maximise this value. The result is a perfectly flat product with tight dimensional tolerances that guarantee excellent quality at very competitive prices.
In general, all fibreglass laminates of the Elycold and Elyplan ranges are lightweight – a feature that is increasingly important and in demand in the transport industry as lighter vehicles pollute less, are faster and more environmentally sustainable. All products are suitable for any parts of sandwich panels to construct walls, sides, floors and roofs of commercial, recreational and passenger vehicles.

The Elycold range is wide and diversified; over time, products have been developed to meet specific needs, starting from Elycold Extra-Glass, rolls and sheets with gelcoat with increased mechanical performances, designed to bring together very special characteristics in a single product: lightness, given by low specific weight, and high mechanical strength, coming from the high percentage of glass content. Elycold Extra-Glass is suitable for vehicles that require high impact resistance, weight saving and high aesthetics.

Elycold Lite represents the ideal solution for those who need a thicker laminate with good rigidity and low specific weight, while retaining all aesthetic details and values. The use of resins and specific microspheres allows increased thickness, without adding weight, decreasing the density of the laminate and providing greater rigidity, contributing to the flatness of the panel and to conceal the underlying structures. Elycold Lite is available in sheets and 60m-long rolls and in different thicknesses, from 1.6mm.

Research and in-depth studies in the new Research & Development laboratory have allowed Brianza Plastica to increase the Elyplan family with revolutionary new products: this year saw the launch of Elyplan Extra Glass Biaxial that combines lightness, given by low specific weight, and high mechanical strength, coming from the high percentage of glass content, within the same product. The latest addition to the Elyplan family is the high end product in terms of mechanical strength and impact resistance. Due to the usage of biaxial-non-crimp fabrics, the glass fibre reinforcement can be placed exactly in the direction where it is needed for the application.

The new Elyplan Fire Performance range, compliant with various worldwide fire rating norms, is a product that combine all the main properties of the Elyplan range with the flame retardant requirements of automotive, building and new e-mobility markets. This requirement is an important characteristic that allows this material to be positioned both horizontally and vertically, making it possible to use it anywhere and freely inside transport vehicles.

And in the end, Elyplan Bicolor has been created to combine two (or more) different colours in the same GRP laminate, for aesthetic needs or functional requirements, like light transmission in commercial vehicles roofs.

Company History
Brianza Plastica was founded in 1962 to produce fibreglass laminates in sheets and rolls for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

Over the years, the production has been expanded with more sites in Italy, introducing new products able to meet the most varied roofing and cladding needs.

In the 1980s, the company entered the field of thermal insulation for roofs and walls in the residential and industrial sectors with the innovative Isotec thermoinsulating system.

Over the years the company has continued to produce, research and develop new products in the fibreglass laminates sector, expanding its range, with straight and curved sheets and rolls, in the corrugated, ribbed or flat, opaque or translucent versions, for applications in the most varied sectors – from agricultural to farming, from commercial to industrial, up to commercial vehicle sector (trucks, buses, coaches) and recreational vehicles (camper vans and caravans).

The acquisition of the two production sites in Rovigo and the one in Ostellato to produce Elycold laminates with discontinuous cold-lamination procedures – respectively in 2006 and 2008 – and the inauguration in 2009 of a new production line in the Carate Brianza site dedicated to Elyplan continuous hot-lamination products, has made Brianza Plastica one of the most important players in the global market of fibreglass laminates, with an extremely flexible production capacity, able to meet the most varied market requirements.

The new logistics-sales headquarters of Brianza USA Corporation in Elkhart, Indiana, was opened in 2014 to serve the US market and to strengthen the Group’s commercial presence in the territory.

In summer 2016, a new production site was opened in Rovigo for the production of Elycold GRP laminates and a new Elyplan continuous production line was inaugurated in the Carate Brianza site.

At the beginning of 2019, the new chemical laboratory was inaugurated, almost tripling the previous surface area. The new facility is equipped with the most advanced instruments to support the production processes both of the insulation panels and composite laminates.

In 2021, to complete its offer for roofing and curtain walls for agricultural and industrial buildings, Brianza Plastica started producing Elysol, the compact polycarbonate sheets at its production site in Ferrandina, Matera, Italy.

For more information visit the Brianza Plastica website and follow the official Brianza Plastica LinkedIn page.

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