Francepol orders 100 Wielton trailers

Francepol trailer manufactured by Wielton.

Poland-based freight carrier, Francepol, has ordered 50 standard Curtain Masters and 50 Curtain Master Mega curtainsiders from Wielton.

The first part of the order is expected to be delivered this month. The remainder will be delivered in May this year.

The vehicles are characterised by low curb weight, quick-release tarpaulin, and the ability to open the roof in two directions.

The improved structure of the tarpaulin or modern elements of the roof crown seal the loading space, protect goods against moisture.

The safety of the goods, according to the OEM, assured due to he floor profile and the load securing strip.

“The construction of the semi-trailers is based on modern hybrid welding technology, which guarantees durable and precise welds,” said Wielton.

“The weight of the Curtain Master trailer has been reduced, and as an additional option, it is possible to install a roll stop and the VL vertical load securing system. The loading area of ​​the Curtain Master Mega semi-trailer allows the transport of goods up to 3m high, thanks to the lowering of the frame and suspension level. Used in particular in the automotive industry and where a large loading capacity is required. Standard equipment includes SAF 19.5′ axles.”

Przemysław Skrivanek, Fleet Sales Director of Wielton SA, said: “We are glad that such an experienced company as Francepol Sp. z o. o. again decided to enlarge its fleet with our vehicles. Curtain Master semi-trailers, like all Wielton products, are equipped with components from leading manufacturers. The fact that contractors come back for our products confirms their highest quality and reliability. We take care of every detail for the sake of customer satisfaction and safety. We are constantly working on increasing our production capacity in order to carry out orders even more effectively. A total of 100 curtain semi-trailers manufactured for Francepol will leave our production plants in May and will go on tour.”

PTH Francepol Sp. z o. o. specialises in truck transport and forwarding within the European Union and in countries in the Schengen area. The company’s drivers usually transport groupage and full truck loads. Currently, the company consists of a specialised staff of 600 people. It is an experienced carrier with 30 years of experience. Annually, it carries out about 80,000 orders with a fleet of nearly 500 different trucks.

“As a company with an established position on the market, we need proven, durable and reliable vehicles,” said Francepol General Director, Artur Nowacki.

“We want our business partners to additionally have an extensive range of maintenance services and technical support. We have been finding all this for several years at the Wieluń manufacturer.

“We are constantly developing our offer to meet individual customer expectations. Thanks to the new, universal Curtain Master semi-trailers from Wielton SA, we will be able to adapt to the needs of service recipients to an even greater extent, as well as transport more loads in one transport. We could entrust such a large order only to a proven manufacturer.”

This is another order carried out by Wielton SA for this contractor. During nine years of cooperation, the manufacturer from Wieluń produced 318 products for Francepol, including 58 curtain semi-trailers and 130 spatial sets (130 truck trailers and 130 truck bodies).

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