CGS bolsters fleet uptime with spare parts support and more

In addition to dominating KSA transport refrigeration and providing industry with best-in-class road transport equipment, Swiss-Saudi joint venture, Coldstores Group of Saudi Arabia, also ensures optimal fleet uptime with its dedicated spare parts and aftersales network.

With certified factory trained technicians, genuine manufacturer spare parts and accessories, Coldstores Group of Saudi Arabia (CGS) provides fleets with everything they need to maintain efficient, productive operations.

“When it comes to protecting your investments and your bottom line you can be confident that you will receive optimum levels of product support and best-in-class service from any of our four workshops across the region,” said Andrew Wilson, General Manager of the CGS Automotive Division. “We will keep your fleet operating as cost effectively as possible, boost efficiencies and help maintain the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the region.”

CGS also provides a portfolio of service agreements for Carrier transport refrigeration units and refrigerated boxes.

Since 1978, CGS has exclusively distributed Carrier Transicold products and is currently its second oldest partner globally. Carrier transport refrigeration units have also been jointly optimised to operate reliably in the Middle Eastern climate.

CGS provides industry with solutions that enable operators to budget and plan ahead with fixed costs for maintenance and repairs of refrigeration units as well as accurate maintenance forecast scheduling.

“We give you the flexibility to keep your fleet moving while ensuring total control with a fixed cost option,” said Wilson. “Potential problems will be prevented before they occur, giving our partners in the temperature-controlled distribution business reduced TCO and reduced road transport equipment lifecycle costs.”

The Automotive division of CGS also provides the Carrier Transicold Lynx Fleet application to the KSA market which intelligently monitors connected refrigeration systems from anywhere in the world. It provides vital information through a centralised data stream and with improved visibility for asset owners, producers, drivers, fleet managers and retailers on the products being transported and the delivery modes transporting them.

In addition to providing critical data, such as temperatures, location and movement of
refrigerated assets, Lynx Fleet can provide analytics and diagnostic information.

The digital system provides access to near live service and maintenance schedules for
each connected refrigeration unit, helping to aid fleet management procedures and ensure minimal disruption through vehicle downtime.

Operational management and control capability advanced remote temperature monitoring, In-depth service and utilisation reports are all available with the Lynx Fleet Application.

Fast Fact
As a leader and innovator in the cold chain business in the Middle East, Coldstores Group of Saudi Arabia now offers a fully inclusive three year warranty on every Carrier cooling unit it supplies.

Fast Fact
The accomplished cold chain specialist for perishable goods in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East has significantly expanded its in-house engineering team so that it can manage the most complex and demanding of tasks. This world-leading expertise is bolstered by investments in Industry 4.0 technologies as well as the operation of CNC machines.

Fast Fact
The team at Coldstores Group of Saudi Arabia understands that it takes a complete, effective, cold chain solution to prevent product loss and food spoilage.

CGS Total Protection Plan
The CGS Total Protection Plan can be purchased with all new units and provides operators with everything they need to manage their refrigerated transportation expenses including fixed, upfront costs for all maintenance and repairs as well as accurate maintenance forecast scheduling for a three-year warranty period. This plan enables regular inspections, preventative maintenance and calibration. CGS provides the flexibility that fleets need to remain agile and competitive.

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