Librelato reaches export milestone

Librelato export 6,000

Brazil-based OEM, Librelato, has exported a total of 6,000 units.

Since 2007, the company has shipped equipment to 15 countries in South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ghana and Uganda were the main destinations for the trailers it shipped last year.

Librelato carried out its first trailer export business in 2007, and is reported to be the second largest trailer exporter in Brazil.

“We continue to look at the foreign market with great attention and are investing to offer a strong structure, with a specialised field team to understand the peculiarities of each of the markets where we operate,” said Librelato CEO, José Carlos Sprícigo.

“The quality of the implements and the after-sales service have been the greatest assets so far.

“Over the last 15 years, we have achieved important business, reaching the mark of 6,000 units sold abroad and we aim to expand more and more.”

In 2022, 800 trailers were sold abroad, with Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ghana and Uganda being the main destination countries.

“The foreign markets to which we export are countries with a high demand for road freight transport, which seek implements that offer high technology and durability,” said Librelato Export and Libreparts Manager, Daniel Zilio.

Since its establishment, Librelato has reached a share of around 20 per cent of all implement exports from Brazil.

In 2023, the company is planning to increase sales to the foreign market by 10 per cent.

In other news, Librelato opened a new industrial plant in Içara earlier this year.

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