Librelato launches new plant

Brazil-based OEM, Librelato, opened a new industrial plant in Içara earlier this year.

With 11,390 square metres of built area and 40,000 square metres of precast concrete flooring, the new space is located next to Librelato’s administrative headquarters and was planned to optimise the final assembly process of equipment.

A total of 46 million BRL (approx. 8.2 million euros) was invested, of which 24 million BRL was earmarked for the new industrial plant and 22 million BRL for improvements in the area of ​​industrial automation and internal processes.

“Until then, this work had taken place in two plants,” said Librelato CEO, José Carlos Sprícigo.

“From now on, it will be facilitated, as all products in the final assembly phase and finalisation for delivery will go to this new location, which has the capacity to receive 90 implements daily and generate 600 new direct jobs during 2023, considering 140 immediate hires.

“This feat will be very positive for the company, as it will bring greater productivity and quality to the operation.”

With the opening of the new plant, Librelato now has four industrial units, three of them in Içara (SC) and one in Criciúma (SC).

Last year, Librelato received the Santa Catarina Excellence Award.

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